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The Analytics Masterminds Session

Following the success of the first Masterminds Session in November 2022, the follow up event was hosted at the SaxoBank headquarters in Copenhagen.

The main keynote speaker was Frederik Werner (GER) of DHL together with featured ‘masterminds’ from iconic Nordic brands Saxo Bank, Tivoli Gardens and Danfoss.

The Brand Analytics Forum explored how data and analytics helps understand the complexity around the measurements of brands and the business of brands from products to people and marketing, eCommerce to supply chain, growth and ultimately the bottom line.

We call this version “the Analytics Masterminds”

First Episode of the Brand Analytics Podcast

Your hosts Steen Rasmussen and Jomar Reyes cruise through the crowd at the second Analytics Masterminds Copehagen organised by the Brand Leadership Community.

The first official guest being Disney Yapa of Insider, (Who were one of the partners of the event) talking about how the community has evolved over the years. He reflects on how data is still as relevant as ever, but how the usage of data constantly evolves.

Christina Elmark talks about how eCommerce has also evolved through the pandemic. She brings to light that the use of eCommerce has gone through 6 years of evolution in 2 over this time.

Frederik Werner has fun with our hosts, as he tries to hide from the interview, but then opens up with the conversation, almost entering the ‘Adobe’ vs ‘Google’ discussion with Steen. Fortunately Frederik and Steen start to share more of what they have in common rather than not. The discussion of ‘return on investment’ from analytics is still a hot topic for the two.

Featured Keynote

Frederik Werner – DHL (GER)

Practice Lead – Adobe Analytics/Experience Cloud

Frederik works as Practice Lead Analytics for DHL, Germany.

As a highly decorated industry expert, he has successfully implemented digital analytics systems and strategies in companies of all shapes and sizes, regularly sharing his experiences at many events and conferences, as well as on the award-nominated blog Full Stack Analyst.

Keynote Speakers

Steen Rasmussen – IIH Nordic


Head of the BLC Brand Analytics Section

Steen co-founded his first digital agency based on the core idea that digital needed to be business-centric and support the goals of the organization first. In 2005 cofounded IIH Nordic to focus on data to fully activating the strategic potential for brands.

Steen is highly recognised in the industry for his many talks internationally around the Google data and technology stack.

He is one of the founding members of the Brand Leadership Community Advisory Council, and heads up the Brand Analytics Section.

Nikola Krunic – Saxo Bank

Media Analyst Lead

Nikola has extensive experience in data analysis, digital research and digital insights for a range Danish and international Brands.

This includes companies such as Novartis, Novo Nordisk, Takeda, Coloplast, LEO Pharma, Ferring, Novozymes, Chr. Hansen, Amgen, L’Oreal, Jabra, Ubisoft, DIS, and Ambu.

He now works at Saxo Bank as a media analyst lead within the paid media team at Saxo Bank.

Daniel Clark Melander – Bolius

Digital Analyst

Daniel has focus on how digital technology can impact business, by combining insights with technology and the people behind the brand. He worked with improving digital experiences through behavioural analyisis and activation of data at Bolius, a leading Danish organisation in providing visitors information on maintaining their homes.

Casper Heiselberg – Tivoli Gardens

Digital Strategy Manager

Casper is an innovative strategic leader in the cross section between audiences, fans in sports, gaming and theme parks. He is experienced in managing data, producing insights for long term brand strategy.
He has worked for one of Denmarks prominent football clubs (FCK), DreamHack sports Games and Denmark’s leading tourist attractions Tivoli Gardens which attracts 4.2M visitors per year.

Christina Elmark – Convena Distribution

eCommerce Director

Head of the BLC eCommerce Section

Christina is one of the most experienced practitioners and leaders in eCommerce for brands having working on online business functions for Brands such as Magazin, Ilse Jacobsen, Rosemunde, Bodum, Troll Beads, Sennheiser/Epos now as eCommerce Director at Convena.

Christina is also the head of the eCommerce section of the Brand Leadership community, a member of the advisory council and a regularly featured speaker, commentator and trainer in the areas of eCommerce.


16:00 – Arrival, registration & drinks
16:30 – Welcome to the Future, Jomar Reyes (AUS), Brand Leadership Community
16:45 – Data Morgana from B2B to eCom, Steen Rasmussen, IIH Nordic
17:00 – Keynote: Empowered Analytics, Frederik Wener, DHL (Germany)
17:25 – Breakout sessions
18:10 – The Challenges of Attribution, Nikola Krunic, Saxo Bank
18:25 – The Measurement Experience, Casper Heiselberg, Tivoli Gardens
18:40 – Food & fun
19:20 – The Data of eCommerce, Christina Elmark, Convena
19:35 – 4 Ways to a Data Driven World, Daniel Clark Melander, Bolius
20:00 – Your Thoughts – Panel Questions to our speakers
20:30 – Mingling, data and fun
21:30 – End of event