Martech Jam Session CPH #1

On 30 August 2023, our first Martech Jam Session in Copenhagen brought together some of Copenhagen’s leading minds in Marketing Technology. From leading global brands, agencies and technology vendors this gathering was a forum for knowledge exchange in an evening with powertalks, unconference and peer to peer knowledge sharing.

Hosts, Panelists & Moderators

The event was co-hosted by Nikola Krunic the head of our Martech Section and Jomar Reyes founder of the Brand Leadership Community. Also on hand are fellow members of the Martech section including Frederik Werner (Lead Adobe User Group EMEA & Accutics), Emi Olausson Fourounjieva (Transformational Coach for Leaders), Ed Fowler (Better Collective) and Steen Rasmussen head of our Brand Analytics Section, Christina Elmark head of our eCommerce Section and Heidi Ahlefeldt-Laurvig the head of our Brand Experience Section.

Author Rasmus Houlind and CxO of Agillic joined our discussion panels and also brought a few copies of his book.

Core Themes: AI, Google, CDP & CRM

The proliferation of cloud infrastructure has powered marketing technology and data to open up new possiblities for brands, as well as new challenges. The increase of cloud processing power has as produced recent developments in AI

In our first Martech Jam Session we covered four topics both via our 2 panels and through peer to peer breakout discussions.

  • Artificial Intelligence and Brands: AI has the potenial to transform marketing and analytics with richer consumer insights through advanced data analysis, predictive modeling, and personalized recommendation systems. But is this yet to be proven? What the investments in technology, implementation and re-training need to achieve this dream setup.
  • Google Affect in 2023: This year will go down in history where the biggest player in web analytics has made some seizmic changes that affects many brands, their data infrastructure and data strategy
    • Universal Analytics Sunset and GA4
    • Google Optimize sunset
  • Customer Data Platform 2.0: With ongoing regulatory changes with data privacy and a consumer shift towards protecting their personal data, the role of a CDP is intensifying. The relationship between brands, customers and customer data is rapidly evolving. With Google’s data cut off, it’s major product sunsets and new version of analytics, ALL companies are evaluating their data technology and strategy
    • Where does this position other major and new vendors in the area of analytics?
    • What changes and evolutions with the Customer Data Platform have in relation to major brands and their winning strategies.
  • eCommerce Tech 2.0: Through the global pandemic, the focus on ecommerce had a surge with an influx of online business and brands upgrading their technology to accomodate for the world in lockdown. In post pandemic times, the new normal has delivered a new world of consumer behaviour, digital adoption. This has also brought on also a greater awareness of privacy balanced with a demand for stronger personalised experience.
    • Are brands fully equiped for delivering a solid buying experience?
    • What are some of the critical foundations in data strategy for eCommerce?
  • Customer Relationship Management: CRM is more than just a technology, it is a practice that has a direct impact on the customer’s journey and experiences.
    • 1st party data strategy: The consented data set that customers have given permission to a brand
    • How brands are(n’t) effectively generating and utilising 1st part data realise
    • Creating the customer base will not only provide a great experience for the customer, but will also reduce costs in advertising, delivery and product management

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Memorable Moments


Introduction from Nikola Krunic

Head of Martech Section – Brand Leadersihp Community

Earlier this year we started formulating the experience for this Martech Section as a part of the Brand Leadership Community. Our committe represent a diverse background in working with brands and the technology behind the scenes. Together we have engineered ‘a person to person experience’ to connect people from brands, agencies and technology companies bring their minds together to push new boundaries.

We look forward to this special evening, which will build the foundations of our Martech Community here in Copenhagen, and eventually through out various cities throughout the world.

For those who work with technology behind the marketing of brands, those who push the boundaries of the latest technologies, those who live and breath this journey in their profession, this event is for you.

Martech Panelists & Group Moderators

Frederik Werner

Eminé Olausson Fourounjieva

Edward Fowler

Rasmus Houlind

Jomar Reyes

Christina Elmark

Steen Rasmussen

Heidi Ahlefeldt-Laurvig