Martech Section

Marketing technology has revolutionized brand marketing by enabling precise targeting, personalized experiences, efficient campaign management, data-driven decision-making, and improved ROI, resulting in enhanced customer engagement, brand visibility, and competitive advantage.

This section is for thoselooking to empower efficient and data-driven marketing campaigns, enhances customer engagement and personalization, Martech enables better measurement and optimization, and ultimately drives business growth and competitiveness in the digital age.

Advisory Group

The Martech advisory group is a team of industry leading practitioners with Marketing Technology.

Nikola Krunic

Head of Martech Section
Feb 2023 – Present

Martech News

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Analytics Masterminds 003 20230525 AMMCPH

Analysis to Activation / Empowering Marketing Technology with Data Our Brand Analytics Section presents this forum for professionals behind brands who work with data and the latest in marketing technology. From Customer Data Plaforms, Data Strategy and the activation of data for marketing, innovation and product development, this event brings leaders in the community under […]