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The Brand Analytics Section features:

  • Forum: Events that feature industry leading specialists and experts in Data, Analytics for Brands and Products.
  • Articles and videos from events as well as interviews with thought leaders who are practitioners with Brand Analytics.
  • Brand Analytics Group: A network of like minded professionals in Brand Analytics.

Advisory Group

The brand analytics advisory group is a team of industry leading practitioners who are data driven marketers.

Steen Rasmussen
Head of Brand Analytics Section
Feb 2020 – Present



Web Analytics Wednesday Copenhagen

Date: 27 September 2023

Web Analytics Wednesday Copenhagen (WAWCPH) has been run every year since 2008. It is now run twice yearly on the last Wednesdays of April and September. Together with IIH Nordic, the Brand Leadership Community produces WAWCPH, delivery international speakers from leading global brands.

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Data Storytelling

Date: 27 September

Data storytelling is the art of using data to communicate a compelling narrative. It involves transforming complex data sets into meaningful and engaging stories that resonate with and influence the audience.



Analytics Masterminds

Held on 26 January 2023 our second Analytics Masterminds Copenhagen was hosted at the SaxoBank headquarters in Hellerup.

Our featured ‘mastermind’ our international keynote speaker Frederik Werner (DHL – Adobe Ambassador). Other memorable speakers included Nikola Krunic (Saxo Bank), Steen Rasmussen (IIH Nordic), Casper Heiselberg (Tivoli), Christina Elmark (Convena Distribution) and Daniel Clark Melander of Bolius..

See talks here

Nikola Krunic gives his talk at Analytics Masterminds CPH 002



The Problem with Data Layers

Rewind & Play

Milan Balazs gave his debut talk at Web Analytics Wednesday in September 2023 which was entitled, The Problem with Data Layers.

Milan is a Cloud Architect at IIH Nordic and has a background as a Data Engineer and has studied Robotics.

Running Time: 16:07