The Future of Organisational Transformation

This webcast discusses the future of organisational transformation in the ‘new normal’. It explores what will be fundamentally different in the ways that brands and organisations innovate and transform their technology, culture and strategy.

With the Corona Pandemic having full impact this year, 2020 will be known as the year that set many brands apart. Many of the organisations and brands that had successfully implemented modern organisational transformation, reaping many benefits in a time of disruption.

The Pandemic highlighted the brands that have successfully implemented recent digital and organisational transformation, and have been. Amongst the carnage of brands and industries being impacted, there are also those brands that have had the opposite results and experienced exponential growth. For many of these companies, their operational infrastructure is digitally agile and their organisational culture is aligned with the latest ways of operating.

Our CxO Advisor Jens Nielsen, hosted this episode with experienced senior business consultants including Mia Bertelsen Planck of PwC and Mark Chaudhry, Agile Coach from Nordea.


Director, Organisation & Strategy


Mia’s career has focussed on organisation development with leading brands such as HP, Telenor, Maersk Oil and now with PwC as a Director of Organisation and Strategy.

Working at C-suite and executive level, Mia’s expertise is to help co-create a strong correlation between a client’s strategy and their organisations. This includes organisation design, leadership and culture as well as ensuring an integrated implementation to anchor and sustain change.

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Agile Coach


Mark’s career spans companies such as Maersk, Coop and currently Nordea Bank where provides his expertise as an Agile Coach. Assisting a large organisation in the Agile methodology has become a highly in-demand strength in this age of uncertainty. Mark has the ability to bring thought leadership in to planning and then action.

Mark also has a good working knowledge of technology and data in business and how it can be applied to transform overall efficiencies and profitability.

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Jens Nielsen is an experienced Managing Director, Board Member and an advocate for digital transformation in business. Today he is an active consultant through Zesta Ltd, DCN Nordic and is the CxO advisor for the Brand Leadership Community.

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