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eCommerce has become an important business channel for all brands. The proliferation of the internet now ubiquitous an every mobile phone, has changed the way consumers make their purchases.

This section will look at the essentials of eCommerce, exploring what will be in store for the future of the newest retail and sales channel. From online store setup, data, logistics and cross boarder business, this section will explore some of the latest case studies that are leading the way with online business.

Advisory Group

The eCommerce advisory group is a team of industry leading practitioners with eCommerce.

Christina Elmark
Head of eCommerce Group
Aug 2020 – Present

eCommerce News

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Updates on the activities, articles and media from our eCommerce community

ecommerce Masterminds 20230511 EMM-CPH

Data Driven eCommerce The ecommerce masterminds features speakers who are some of the pioneers who in one way or another have been a central part of this journey and who are showing the way forward in thought, vision and actions in eCommerce.

Watch Now: Marketing Technology Stack

The missing pieces of the puzzle – enhancing ecommerce and digital B2B for business With online sales at all time highs, fraud attempts and attacks up also up 30%. on average over the previous year. 

Webcast: Future of eCommerce – Amazon Essentials

Amazon has and continues to revolutionise commerce. For many Brands, the choice of whether to engage Amazon as an eCommerce channel, is not an easy decision, and the early stages of working with Amazon brings on many more challenges.

Heidi Ahlefeld-Laurvig

Over the last 15 years, Heidi has been at the forefront of brand growth through digital transformation in marketing and eCommerce. Heidi’s drive lies in her innovative thinking, ability to challenge and transform mindset into ‘customer-centric and less in-love with features’.

Rethinking the Brand’s Competitive Advantage in the New Normal

The COVID 19 pandemic of 2020 brought on a profound socio-economic impact to the entire world. Not only have businesses been forced to change in their approach but the term customer engagement is quickly evolving with customer expectations shifting, necessitating more intelligent customer interactions.

Webcast: Future of eCommerce – Introducing Our Advisors

In this first webcast episode of The Future of eCommerce, we introduce our resident eCommerce advisors from the Brand Leadership Community. The advisory group are thought leaders and pioneering practitioners who are leading the way. With innovation in strategy, application of technology and data they are achieving brand growth through business online.