Google Analytics 4 Network Group

Since the launch of Google Analytics 4 the platform has been in constant development and there has not been a month without a major shift, change or update and the need to stay updated has never been bigger.

To solve this the Brand Leadership Community have established the GA4 forums where you can both learn, grow and pick up some actionable insights. We meet every quarter for half a day to ensure you are more than updated on what’s happening with GA4 and what to do and expect next.

Welcome to Google Analytics Power Forum, where connections and collaborations around GA4 thrive! Join us for an engaging and productive series of half day sessions with knowledge sharing, the latest news and the newest gossip, and actionable takeaways from the world of GA4.

Join us at the Network Power Group and immerse yourself in a vibrant and supportive community of GA4 enthusiasts. Together, let’s amplify our skills, expand our understanding of GA4, and hopefully forge a lasting network to both have more fun and create results.

Who should attend:

The Forum is for GA4 practitioners and digital analysts with a degree of responsibility around the use, setup and analysis done in GA4. Most of the forum will center around the practical use of GA4 from a operational perspective to make sure GA4 continuously create value for the organization

What you get

  • Exclusive non-techical group for seniors, managers and management
  • Exploring Googles roap map for GA4 for the next 6 months
  • Tips, tricks and insights for commercial utilization of GA4
  • Deep dive into GA4 business cases and opportunities
  • Conducted in English


9:00 – 12:30

June 13 2024
September 5 2024
December 12 2024
February 26 2025

Copenhagen Denmark


21.500 DKK per year (Inc VAT)

Alternate Payment Methods Available:

Please contact Jomar Reyes to arrange direct payment (Invoice/Purchase Order)

Guest Mentor: Mark Edmondson

Next Session 13 June 2024

As the author of the Google Analytics 4 book for O’Reilly, 10 years as Google Developer Expert in the intersection of Cloud and analytics Mark does not require a lot of introduction. His talk will however focus a lot less on GA4 and more on what you can, could and should do with the data in a larger context.


Mark Edmondson

CEO, Sunholo

Here’s a breakdown of our agenda:

8:30 Arrival and Opening moves

Start the day off right by catching up with your fellow members in a guided, but informal setting over breakfast

9:00 Opening words

Industry reflections from the group leader on what the biggest challenges and opportunities are right now. Expand your GA4 insight and explore potential collaborations, projects, tech or partnerships.

9:30 Getting updated, Keynote Presentation

Gain inspiration and insights from one of our keynote speakers, always an analytics thought leader or recognized industry expert who will explore the latest trends, newest updates and best practices on GA4. Secure valuable knowledge to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving GA4 landscape.

10:00 Interactive Workshops

Together we dive deep into a specific GA4 topic with our interactive session led by the keynote presenter. Subject is decided based on relevance and impact among the latest releases and updates from Google. Format will be hands-on exercises, group discussions, and case studies to enhance our understanding.

11:00 Commitments & updates

The participants each commit to a specific area from the session today they want to follow up on and at the same time give an update on how things are going with commitments made during previous sessions. Interactive session where you not only gain a broader practical perspective, but also get the chance to ask questions, and gather valuable insights to apply in your own work.

11:45 Lunch and Connecting

Winding down and giving room for some casual networking and updates amoungst the group.

12:15 Summary and Actionable Takeaways

The host summarizes the key learnings from the day’s sessions and workshops.and helpsIdentify actionable takeaways to implement in your company and GA4 setup.

Your Mentors

Steen Rasmussen

Head of Brand Analytics Section
Co-founder IIH Nordic


Nikola Krunic

Head of Martech Section