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The C-Suite of any organisation, are the team who lead the company’s operations inline with the vision and strategy. This includes marketing (CMO), finance(CFO), operations(COO) commercial(CCO) as well as those with ‘Director’ or ‘Head of’ roles.

Through the digital age, many of the C-Suite professionals have seen the business landscape change, and pushing them to fundamentally change their mindset, leadership style or the organisation invariably purges those in charge with those who are more progressive and digitally minded leaders.

Advisory Group

The C-Suite advisory group is a team of experienced industry leading C level executives or those who counsel C-Suite in leadership and branding.

Stijn Ceelen
Head of C-Suite Section
Sept 2023 – Present

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Updates on the activities, articles and media from our C-Suite community

Building a Customer-Centric Business: A Three-Step Guide to Achieving Sustainable Success

In today’s fiercely competitive business landscape, customer-centricity is no longer an option but a necessity for sustainable success. To build a customer-centric business, you must follow a carefully crafted roadmap that spans three critical steps.

Event Review: Brand Leadership Masterminds Copenhagen – 16 Nov 2023

The first Brand Leadership Masterminds Conference in Copenhagen gathered accomplished and ambitious Directors and C-Level Executives both on the stage and in the audience.

Heidi Ahlefeld-Laurvig

Over the last 15 years, Heidi has been at the forefront of brand growth through digital transformation in marketing and eCommerce. Heidi’s drive lies in her innovative thinking, ability to challenge and transform mindset into ‘customer-centric and less in-love with features’.

Webcast: The Future of Organisational Transformation

This webcast discusses the future of organisational transformation in the ‘new normal’. It explores what will be fundamentally different in the ways that brands and organisations innovate and transform their technology, culture and strategy.

Questions Answered from Brand Leadership for the CxO Webcast – Eminé Olausson Fourounjieva

Our ‘Leadership & Digital Culture’ webcast episode opened up the discussion around the state of digital maturity of both companies and the leadership. Our Advisory Group speakers did not get a chance to answer the questions submitted by the live audience. Emine, was kind enough to answer these questions afterwards from Stockholm, Sweden.