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The community for the professionals behind the leading brands of today and tomorrow.

The Brand Leadership Community serves its members with meetups, user groups, workshops, masterclasses and online content to assist brand professionals in taking their brand to the next level.

Community in a New World

“The new normal calls for new ways to network, learn from peers and gain insights. This initiative is truly exciting as we embark on the new multichannel economy.”, Birgitte Pingel – Vice President, Genpact

The Intersection of Journalism and Brand Storytelling: Jon Mowat Interview

Jon Mowat, a seasoned journalist turned marketing expert, brings a wealth of experience and insight to the evolving landscape of content marketing and brand storytelling. Our conversation shed light on the unique journey that led him from the BBC to the forefront of brand storytelling and video marketing.

Chris Kubbernus: Brandformance Marketing Unveiled

The digital age continues to have an impact on marketing, where trends emerge, evolve, and sometimes vanish in the blink of an eye, staying ahead of the curve is not just an option; it’s a necessity. Performance marketing has hit the marketing world being seen as being in the opposite corner of brand marketing.

Navigating Brand Growth In Uncertain Times

In the midst of uncertain times, when markets fluctuate, consumer behavior is unpredictable, and brand loyalty seems to be on shaky ground, it takes a unique perspective to navigate the challenges and opportunities.

Developing Marketing technology for Brands: Insights from Industry Innovators

Marketing Technology has evolved over recent years to meet the needs of Brands to stay competitive, profitable and innovative. For Superweek TV 2024, I interviewed people behind 3 innovative products in the world of marketing & analytics. I spoke to Marta Saratowicz, Head of Product at IH Nordic, Dennis Golubovskyi, Founder of Stape, and Matt […]

The Future of Retail: Social Commerce is Here, and Here to Stay

Social commerce is the practice of buying and selling products directly through social media platforms. It combines the convenience of e-commerce with the engagement and influence of social media, allowing users to discover, shop, and make purchases seamlessly within their favorite social networks.

24 Apr: Web Analytics Wednesday Copenhagen

Since 2008, Web Analytics Wednesday Copenhagen has been a premier gathering for 2-300 analysts and marketers who are at the forefront of leveraging online data to enhance their brand’s performance. This event features both international and local Danish speakers, as well as representatives from the latest technologies, creating a dynamic and thriving community.

Special Report From Superweek 2024

The www.Superweek.hu conference, held annually, stands as a distinctive convergence point for digital marketing professionals, analysts, and measurement industry thought leaders. Focused on the cutting edge of analytics, the event offers a dynamic platform for sharing insights, fostering collaboration, and exploring the latest trends. Attendees delve into transformative discussions, gaining valuable perspectives to elevate their digital marketing strategies. With an emphasis on innovation and industry advancements, SUPERWEEK 2024 continues to be an essential nexus for those shaping the future of digital marketing and analytics. Read More…

Developing Marketing technology for Brands: Insights from Industry Innovators

Marketing Technology has evolved over recent years to meet the needs of Brands to stay competitive, profitable and innovative. For Superweek TV 2024, I interviewed people behind 3 innovative products in the world of marketing & analytics. I spoke to Marta Saratowicz, Head of Product at IH Nordic, Dennis Golubovskyi, Founder of Stape, and Matt […]

Superweek 2024: Jomar’s Journal

Day -3: 26 Jan 2024 – The Road to Superweek 2024 The first real blog style post for the Brand Leadership Community is here. You are reading it. As I type this post, at this moment… I’m preparing myself for Superweek 2024, probably the most influential conference I’ve ever attended, and now am a part […]

Key points from Digital Analytics Documentary Superweek 2023

At Superweek 2023, industry thought leaders discussed the unique challenges facing the data and analytics landscape in the current global scenario. The convergence of geopolitical conflicts, privacy regulations, and the aftermath of the pandemic has created a complex environment that demands a reevaluation of how we approach data.



The Future of eCommerce

Webcast: Future of eCommerce – Amazon Essentials

Amazon has and continues to revolutionise commerce. For many Brands, the choice of whether to engage Amazon as an eCommerce channel, is not an easy decision, and the early stages of working with Amazon brings on many more challenges.

Brand Leadership for the CxO

Heidi Ahlefeld-Laurvig

Over the last 15 years, Heidi has been at the forefront of brand growth through digital transformation in marketing and eCommerce. Heidi’s drive lies in her innovative thinking, ability to challenge and transform mindset into ‘customer-centric and less in-love with features’.

Our advisory group of the Brand Leadership Community will share their insights and experience on the latest topics in Brand Leadership.

Each webcast gives you a chance to ask questions of the speakers and to also take part in industry polls, where you will see how you and your company are positioned from a digital maturity perspective.

Watch Now

  • Brand Leadership for the CxO

    This webinar explores what is digital transformation at its best, and how a company can prepare, execute and maintain a best practice digital operations in areas such marketing, manufacturing, communications and customer service.

  • The Future of eCommerce

    Consumers are moving their purchases online like never before. CoVid19 has been the tipping point with online sales. What does the future bring for eCommerce? Key discussions include mobile commerce, social media & marketing and Amazon’s increasing market presence.

Coming Soon

  • Knowing & Growing Customer Lifetime Value

    A customer should be viewed more than just a single transaction, rather a series of transaction over their lifetime. How can companies better understand this powerful metric? What are the basics that need to be in place to implement a CLV model in your martech stack?

  • Personalisation Marketing

    There is a big difference between personalised marketing, and personal marketing. Personalisation can be automated, but personal marketing has a human element. How can you best balance resources between the two?

  • Video Marketing Strategy

    Video marketing is one of the most influential mediums that brands can use to get the right customers at the right time. As a part of the customer journey, video format can be tailored to help customers speed up their purchase cycle and also used to anchor the customer to the product, building loyalty. The video marketing strategy simply needs to be created before video marketing is executed.

  • The Future of Conversion Optimisation

    Consumer purchase patterns have rapidly evolved over recent years, and as more purchases are made on mobile devices, geographical context becomes an important part of optimal timing. What do marketers and product managers need to be aware of to reach the full potential of conversions to purchase.

  • More Topics to Follow

    Social Media Marketing, Data Strategy, Paid Media, Organic Traffic (SEO).

Initiatives and Activities

The Brand Leadership Community is global by nature. Founded and headquartered the Nordics (Copenhagen), this community is for brand professionals who seek a deeper understanding of what makes a great brand.
We believe in the power of community, providing platforms for some of the inspired minds of those who have pushed the status quo in brands of today and tomorrow.
Our activities consist of freely available, invite-only, and ticketed access both online and face to face.
Members will have the opportunity to meet industry peers, build relationships that inspire, with people who lead the way, but are also continuously learning along the way.

  • Masterclasses

    In class learning with leading pioneers in marketing, data analysis and digital strategy. Exclusive learning interacting directly with masters.

  • MarTech Labs

    Martech Thursdays brings together the latest technologies to discuss with official product specialists, with opportunities to get hands on. From the latest in programming for developers to Adtech for marketers, Martech Thursday provides the idea lab environment to test drive the latest technologies and techniques.

  • Podcasts, Articles and Whitepapers

    Access information, education & inspiration long after the event.

  • P2P Round Tables

    Meet your peers in other organisations. Discuss, share and inspire with your stories and experiences in business and marketing.


Masterclasses are taught by internationally recognised leading experts and authorities in digital marketing, analytics and data strategy. These masterclasses are designed for experienced marketers and analysts who are ambitious about the success of their brand, product and career.

Each attendee will receive certification from the digitalintelligence.academy which is valid for 18-24 months.