• Eminé Olausson Fourounjieva has been appointed as the head of the advisory group. She is joined by committee members Steen Rasmussen and Peter Larsen.
  • We are now taking applications to join this group of 15 advisors. Contact emil@dcnnordic.com for more information.

About this Section

Leadership is something that has evolved as society itself evolves. In this section, we look at how leadership has shaped our lives and the business world to understand how leadership has to evolve into the future.

The Leadership of the Future section will not only look at leadership from people, but also brands, organisations and movements, through research and discussions.

We will be scheduling live webcasts and will also produce insightful articles with thought provoking insights for leaders and those working on leading brands.

Advisory Group

The Leadership of the Future advisory group is a team of experts in the field of leadership, both as leaders as well as coaches and mentors to future leaders.

Eminé Olausson Fourounjieva

Head of the Leadership of the Future Group
Jan 2021 – Present

Introduction From Eminé

“Leadership today and beyond pushes many Leaders to review their values, skillset and leadership style. The old approaches are not always applicable anymore. The world is evolving fast – it presents tremendous challenges and requires contingency planning. However, this intense environment creates amazing opportunities for those Leaders who want to adapt, grow and be successful!

It is important for us to enable today’s Leaders to find their unique winning concept fitting into the new reality and to help Leaders of the Future finding direction and support on their way to success.

The goal of the group “Leadership of the Future” is to transform the mindset, develop leadership skills, share best practices, experience and wisdom.

Let’s find and share Inspiration, motivate each other and create sustainable Success Stories together!”