Date: Jun 7, 2024, Friday

Venue: IIH Nordic A/S

Artillerivej 86, 2300
Copenhagen S – Islands Brygge


450 dkr

About the Brand Analytics Jam Session – Measurecamp Mashup!

So what happens when a Brand Analytics Jam Session meets a Measurecamp Pre-Bash Hang-out?

We combined the classic “let’s have some drinks and some food” with a lot of big thinking and funky community initiatives, ensuring that attendees not only started Measurecamp Copenhagen with a light buzz, but pre-packed with both knowledge and new friends. 


16:00 Check In – Arrival and Drinks

16:30 Welcome from Steen Rasmussen / Jomar Reyes

16:45 Opening Power talk: Meet your end-user
Heidi Ahlefeldt-Laurvig, COO & CMO, CS Medica

17:00 Web Analytics Wednesday Ticket Release

17:05 Podcast Recording: The Brand Analytics Podcast
Johan Strand, Mikko Pippo, Steen Rasmussen & Jomar Reyes

17:30 Peer to Peer Breakout Session: GTMss, Contentmode, app tracking, analytics culture and more
You break out to discuss and nerd out with your peers

18:15 Short Break

18:30 Panel Session: How to Lose All Influence as an Analyst
Juliana Jackson, Tim Ceuppens and Gunnar Griese

19:00 Dinner, mingling and drinks

21:30 Go home and get ready for tomorrow!

Event Partners


Juliana Jackson

Digital Tranfomationist with Data, Curiosity and a Dash of Humor

Juliana Jackson began her journey in sales in early 2010, “selling the Internet” over the phone to property listers who still favored newspapers. Convincing them to move online sparked a 14-year passion for digital marketing. Her curiosity has driven her to master roles in B2B SaaS, ecommerce, ed-tech, and agency work, with a deep focus on understanding what makes people tick online.Juliana’s path is rich with insights on leveraging data, optimizing mobile apps, and harnessing AI and experimentation to enhance user experiences. She’s excelled in increasing lead generation, fixing leaky funnels, and improving customer lifetime value, all while ensuring digital experiences resonate with users.

With every role, Juliana pushed her limits, constantly learning and adapting, ensuring that users’ voices were heard even when they weren’t speaking. Now, she’s ready for the next challenge in digital marketing. Expect her digital footprint to be a blend of sharp professional insights and personal flair—memes included.

Tim Ceuppens

The Inbound Marketing Maestro

Since 1997, Tim Ceuppens has honed his skills as a homegrown inbound marketing consultant. Digital marketing wasn’t his first choice, but it’s a career that fits him perfectly. Tim combines his strengths as a lifelong learner, tech geek, creative mind, and strategy gamer to excel in the field.

His specialties include HubSpot, SEO, Google AdWords, Facebook Advertising, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and inbound marketing. Tim’s expertise and strategic savvy allow him to create standout campaigns using the latest technologies.

Currently, Tim is the CMO at Pit&Pit and a Freelance Digital Marketing Linchpin. He’s also a Co-Organizer of MeasureCamp Brussels and a Lecturer at VIVES/Brugge Business School, where he shares his knowledge of data visualization. Tim’s career is driven by a passion for learning, innovation, and collaboration, always aiming to create value and impact through data.

Gunnar Griese

The Data-Driven Visionary

With over seven years of experience in digital analytics, data science, and e-commerce, Gunnar Griese is a leader passionate about helping businesses leverage data to optimize their performance and growth. As an Implementation Engineer Technical Lead at IIH Nordic, he collaborates with a team of experts to design, develop, and deploy data solutions for clients across various industries using Google Cloud Platform, Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager.Gunnar also shares his expertise as a Lecturer at IHM Business School, teaching “Digital Analytics – Systems & Technology,” where he imparts technical digital analytics knowledge to aspiring professionals.

His commitment to continuous learning, innovation, and collaboration drives Gunnar to work with diverse and talented individuals who share his vision of creating value and impact through data.

Podcast Guests

Johan Strand

Digital Analytics Expert and Advocate, Ctrl Digital

With over a decade of experience in ecommerce, online marketing, and tracking, Johan Strand is a seasoned Digital Analyst specializing in the Google Marketing Platform. His expertise spans Google Analytics 360, Google Cloud, Tag Manager, BigQuery, and Data Studio, making him a valuable guide through the entire data journey—from planning and implementation to visualization and evaluation.

As a bridge between Marketing, IT, and Legal departments, Johan Strand has honed his skills in various areas, including server-side setup and configuration of Google Tag Manager, SQL for data preparation, and leveraging tools like Amplitude, Snowplow Analytics, Matomo, and Piwik PRO. His recent role at Ctrl Digital and his initiatives, such as organizing MeasureCamp Malmö and the Malmö Digital Analyst Meetup, showcase his commitment to knowledge sharing and community building.

Additionally, Johan Strand contributes to academia as an examiner and supervisor for Digital Analytics students’ Master’s Theses at IHM Business School. Join us to gain insights from this distinguished expert in digital analytics.

Mikko Pippo

The Analytics Advocate

Mikko Piippo is the co-founder and partner of Hopkins, a digital marketing agency based in Helsinki, Finland. Since launching Hopkins in 2016 with two friends, Mikko has been dedicated to helping organizations CARE about their digital analytics data: Collect data that matters, Analyse the data, Recommend actions, and Experiment & execute.

As a Senior Advisor at Hopkins, Mikko works with select clients and guides the agency’s growth. His expertise includes using tools like Piwik PRO, GA4, GTM, and Matomo Analytics to help clients optimize their business performance.

Mikko regularly speaks at events and conferences, sharing his insights on web analytics and digital marketing. Notable appearances include the Analytics Conference in Sydney and Melbourne, the Marketing Analytics Summit in Milan, and MeasureCamp events across Europe. His passion for data-driven strategies and continuous learning makes him a sought-after advisor and speaker.

Your Hosts

Jomar Reyes

Brand Leadership Community – Founder & CEO

Over his 30 year career, Jomar has worked for global brands, agencies and technology companies. This broad exposure gives him deep insights to these three areas.

He has worked for companies such as IBM, ACNielsen, Saxo Bank, Music Tribe and has consulted to brands such as Apple, Sony, Panasonic, Dell and Bang & Olufsen. He lead the Partner Relations and Events team at IIH Nordic before developing the Brand Leadership Community in 2020. In 2022 Jomar started working full time in the Brand Leadership Community.

Steen Rasmussen

Keynote Speaker and Co-founder IIH Nordic

Steen possesses over two decades of expertise in leadership, data strategies, and community development, establishing himself as an esteemed global speaker in the field of data. He exudes confidence in his ability to drive substantial value within diverse organizational contexts.

In 2001, Steen embarked on his entrepreneurial journey by co-founding his inaugural digital agency. His foundational principle emphasized the imperative of digital solutions being intrinsically aligned with business objectives, thus prioritizing organizational goals. Subsequently, in 2005, he embarked on a new venture IIH-Nordi, co-founding another agency, driven by the aspiration to delve deeper into data analytics, unlocking the full strategic potential that it affords.