Data Storytelling Masterclass


Data storytelling is the art of using data to communicate a compelling narrative. It involves transforming complex data sets into meaningful and engaging stories that resonate with and influence the audience.


Your scenario: You have all the answers. You know what’s wrong, why it’s gone wrong and how to fix it. But in the end, the decision doesn’t match up with your data. We’ve all been there. We’ve been given the tools to uncover the truth, but no one has shown us how to explain it.

With over 25 years experience using data and insights for brands, Belgian based Tim Ceuppens is highly renowned for using data storytelling techniques to guide award-winning agencies, brands and D2C e-commerce companies.

Data Storytelling combines data analysis with effective storytelling techniques conveying insights, patterns, and trends in a way that is easily understood, remembered and will be pivotal to ensuring that stakeholders are able to make the best decisions.

In this Masterclass, we delve into the psychology of data to transform numbers and figures into convincing stories. We’ll learn about the ingredients and recipes that make stories work. Plus, how to use the biases that guide our decision-making to create a more significant and persuasive impact.

Stand out in a competitive landscape by bridging the gap between raw data and actionable insights. Move beyond being right and become more effective. Being a good data storyteller is a skill that accelerates your career to the next level.

Psychology of data:

  • What makes stories work?
  • What biases guide our decision-making?
  • What data matters for which audience?
  • How do you talk numbers to non-data people?




Brand Leadership Community
Højbro Pl. 10
1200 Copenhagen

Includes refreshments and lunch


4,500 dkk

3,150 dkk Super Earlybird -30% Dates tba

Your Trainer

Tim Ceuppens (Belgium)

Tim has been working on websites and promoting them since 1997. That’s 26 years of experience in a medium just over 30 years old. From leadership roles in open source communities, agencies and at award-winning brands and D2C e-commerce companies: He’s seen it all.

For the last few years, he’s been working on eradicating his pet peeve: Poor data communication. He helps people use the psychology of data to create a more significant impact and a successful career. He describes his role as a Data Raconteur.

Tim builds on experiences at clients like Xandres, Essent, DPG Media, Happiness Brussels, BBDO and many more…