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The most inspirational brands are created by visionaries who see an opportunity to provide a product or service to the market, in a way that no other brands are doing.
Creating, launching and the ultimate success of a brand is a long and treacherous journey but has the rewards for the customers, company behind the brand and the brand entrepreneur.

  • What are the attributes behind a successful brand that need to be identified from inception?
  • Who are the important people behind a new brand’s success?
  • How should a brand
    • Communicate its core attributes
    • Stimulate the emotions of its customers
    • Deliver the right customers

This webcast episode brings together 3 contemporary entrepreneurs who have created brands that are set to take on the world. Three different entrepreneurs with 3 very different brands sharing their knowledge, experience and brand aspirations for the future.


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Co-Founder and Partner

Copenhagen Distillery


Anders could be known as a ‘serial brand creator’, co-founding five brands including the Copenhagen Distillery brand which was founded in 2014.

Copenhagen Distillery enhances the brand experience with Anders and his partners actively supporting a community spirit around music and the arts with live performances, exhibitions and talks held regularly in the distillery stage area.

As a co-founder and partner of Thank You Studios, a creative agency that has clients such as Ferrari, Amazon, eBay and Swatch, Anders is experienced in working with internationally known brands. This experience has enabled Anders to instil a strong identity for the Copenhagen Distillery Brand.

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Founder and CEO

Good Monday


Mik has a passion and expertise with scaling companies. He oversees product marketing, building organizational structures and executing all elements of various commercial approaches.

In 2017 he launched Good Monday, a workspace management platform with the mission to ‘empower businesses to create better workspace experiences for their employees’.

Mik’s career journey has nurtured his entrepreneurial spirit, from working with one of Denmark’s media brand’s Berlingske, working in sales, marketing and product management. He then focused to online publishing platforms with the then startup, Issuu. Mik went on to creating his own startup brands in Copenhagen and then in New York.

Over the years, Mik has successfully raised funding rounds for the startup brands, which he has created and also successfully exited from earlier startup brands.

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Mads is an active entrepreneur in his mid twenties and co-founder of Vuffeli. He has self funded and raised investment capital creating the Vuffeli brand in 2018. Vuffeli is a native online brand serving its customers who are dog owners with pet food that is tailored to the breed, age and sex of the animal and delivered to their door.

As a co-founder of an online brand, it was a major pivot for Mads from studying biomedical engineering at DTU and having little, to no experience in online marketing. The journey for Mads has been an ongoing discovery of the online world, but using fresh eyes and an open mind to see things in a different way, has proved an advantage as the online world continues to rapidly change.

With seed capital raised in 2019 and an A round of funding in 2020, these injections gives Mads the opportunity for the launch the brand into 8 additional markets, and further developing their product technology to expand into serving veterinarians by building online tools.

In 2022, will see Vuffeli product line with new developments and new technology that will enable the brand to expand and scale into further international markets.

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Jomar Reyes is the architect of the Brand Leadership Community. He also serves in the Advisory Group, working on strategy for community, marketing, media production and social media. He also consults to international brands in these areas through DCN Nordic.

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