Analytics Masterminds

Analysis to Activation / Empowering Marketing Technology with Data

25 May 2023: Our Brand Analytics Section presented this forum for professionals behind brands who work with data and the latest in marketing technology. From Customer Data Plaforms, Data Strategy and the activation of data for marketing, innovation and product development, this event brings leaders in the community under one roof to discuss how they will drive the future of their brands.

The evening brought together product managers, data scientists, and industry leaders to explore the latest trends and best practices in data-driven product management and development.

Peer to peer sessions

These break out sessions gave attendees, speakers and product specialists a chance to connect with each other in closed environment. This format opens the door to priceless relationships within the brand community.


Saxo Bank
Philip Heymans Alle 15, 2900 Hellerup
Full Catering (Dinner & Drinks)


25 May 2023
16:00 – 21:00


2,500 dkk


16:00 Arrival, registration, welcome drink
16:30 Welcome from Nikola Krunic of Saxo Bank
16:35 Conference opening – Welcome to Tomorrow, Jomar Reyes – Brand Leadership Community
16:50 The Decision Economy – Steen Rasmussen (DK), IIH Nordic, co-founder and Digital Explorer
17:10 Data Driven Heroics – Matias Hejl, Vice President Operations at LuggageHero
17:40 Break out sessions
18:20 Data to Martech: It’s all about activation – Peter Larsen at Saxo Bank
18:45 Dinner
19:30 Data As A Product – For Actionable Strategies & Stakeholder buy-in – Nicola Strand at Vertic
19:50 The Power of Data Driven Personalisation – Rasmus Houlind
20:30 Sparkling insights/Evaluations & update from the Brand Leadership Community
20:45 Speakers Panel session – Q&A
21:15 Drinks
22:00 Event closes

Event Partners

Featured Speakers

Matias Hejl

Vice President of Operations


Matias oversees the day-to-day operations at LuggageHero defining and implementing effective operational strategies, structures, and processes. Matias works ‘hands on’ with many data sources within the business and from managing the budgeting and P&L reporting, to monitoring performance metrics and thereby identifying areas to optimize the operations.
Matias has a very different background from data, having studied physiotherapy and working as an outdoor guide. He started at Luggage Hero as an account manager, then product manager before becoming the Vice President of Operations.

Talk: Data Driven Heroics a LuggageHero Story

Matias works at a senior level as a Vice President, but manages data at a level that not many traditional VPs would. Matias tells us how LuggageHero uses data in its operations and together with DOMO technology, how data integration, management and reporting is centralized and distributed.

Rasmus Houlind

Author: “Hello $FirstName: Profiting from Personalization” 2023

Rasmus Houlind is an internationally recognised thought leader when it comes to Omnichannel Marketing and Personalization. His experiences and thoughts are featured in published books “Make it All about Me (2019)” and recently released “Hello $FirstName: Profiting from Personalization”.
Rasmus has a background from digital agencies but has worked at the marketing automation software company Agillic since 2015 where his current role is Chief Experience Officer. He primarily works with large companies and is involved in omnichannel marketing, customer experience management, customer lifecycle / CRM projects. He works with the goal to ensure the end user is faced with consistent, timed and relevant communications across channels – be it web, email, app, text, social – or even in-store.

Talk: Hello $FirstName – The power of data driven personalization

Personalisation is the holy grail that many brands are still struggling with. Rasmus talks about how the hype behind personalisation fits with reality. In part by giving it a true definition of personalisation but more so by visualising with his personalization framework and models how brands can deliver a truly value creating customer experience for both customers and the brand.

Read more about Rasmus Houlind’s book Hello $FirstName – Profiting from Personalization

Purchase your copy here

Peter Larsen

Senior Digital Analyst, Martech, Big Data & AI

Saxo Bank

Over the past 8 years, Peter has worked at the forefront of changing landscape of Marketing Technology, Digital Analytics, Data Governance and Automation. With his academic background in Business Management at Copenhagen Business School focusing on areas such as innovation & business development as well as data in business, Peter has carved his career with both a hands on and strategic approach to setting up data and marketing technology infrastructure.

Talk: Data to Martech – It’s all about activation

True value of data only comes when it is used for not only insights, but for activating in marketing and product management. In this talk Peter will talk about the importance of disciplines with data collection, management and ultimately activating the data to strengthen growth and ulitmately the bottom line.

Nicola Strand:

Senior Strategist – Vertic

Nicola is a seasoned senior brand and analytics professional. She has worked for brands such as the such as game engine Unity Technologies as well as international agencies such as Wunderman Thompson MAP and now at Vertic as a Senior Strategist.
As a seasoned, digitally fluent professional experienced in leading cross functional teams Nicola possesses a deep level of experience and understanding of marketing disciplines from product, content, and digital.

Talk: Data As A Product – For Actionable Strategies & Stakeholder buy-in

Nicola’s talk explores how we view data in organisations, sharing relatable examples and actionable strategies to unlock get buy-in from even the toughest stakeholders.

She will be looking into how viewing data as a product and not an asset can help people knock down a common challenge we all have – buy-in.


Steen Rasmussen – Co Host

Head of the Brand Analytics Section

Co-founder/Director of Data Innovation, IIH Nordic

Steen co-founded his first digital agency based on the core idea that digital needed to be business-centric and support the goals of the organization first. In 2005 cofounded IIH Nordic to focus on data to fully activating the strategic potential for brands.

Steen is highly recognised in the industry for his many talks internationally around the Google data and technology stack.

He is one of the founding members of the Brand Leadership Community Advisory Council, and heads up the Brand Analytics Section.

Nikola Krunic – Saxo Bank – Co Host

Media Analyst Lead

Nikola has extensive experience in data analysis, digital research and digital insights for a range Danish and international Brands.

This includes companies such as Novartis, Novo Nordisk, Takeda, Coloplast, LEO Pharma, Ferring, Novozymes, Chr. Hansen, Amgen, L’Oreal, Jabra, Ubisoft, DIS, and Ambu.

He now works at Saxo Bank as a media analyst lead within the paid media team at Saxo Bank.