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An Analytics Mastermind Jam Session

The Brand Analytics Forum explores how data and analytics can help understand the complexity around the measurements of brands and the business of brands from products to people and marketing to supply chain, growth and ultimately the bottom line.

We call this version “the Analytics Masterminds Jam Sessions”,

Partly because it is an informal evening limited to a select group of guests and partly because all guests will be personally invited due to their understanding of the complexity, challenges and potential of data within digital business and brands.


16.30 – 17.00 Arrival & drinks

17.00 – 17.12: Welcome to the Jungle, with Jomar Reyes (AU), Brand Leadership Community

17.15 – 17.27 Opening: Unsucking your data (DK), Steen Rasmussen, IIH Nordic

17.35 – 17.47: CX goals in a public service world a data journey, Jakob Faarvang (DK), DR

17.55 – 18.07 The Sharp end of the Stick, Brian Williams (US) , LEGO

18.10 – 19.00: Food & fun

19.00 – 19.12: Clear as Glass, Daniel Svärd (SE), Velux

19.20 – 19:56: Keynote Product as Usual?, Adam Greco (US), Amplitude

20.00 – 20.12: Closing, with Jonas Damsgaard Nielsen (DK), Accrease

20.12 – Mingling, data and fun

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IIH Nordic Office
1st Floor Artillerivej 86,
2300 Copenhagen


27 October
16:30 – 21:00

Featured Keynote: Adam Greco (US)

Adam is widely known for his services and products that have enabled digital analytics clients to get the most out of their digital analytics solutions.

He has have written over 200 blog posts related to Adobe Analytics and authored the definitive book on Adobe Analytics. I help companies push the limits of what can be done with digital analytics and provide their digital analysts with the best data possible. In 2020, I founded the Search Discovery Education Community (SDEC) to provide free digital analytics education to the masses.

Other areas of experience include online marketing website design, voice of customer and CRM integration with digital analytics.

Speaker Lineup

Features a lineup of power talks from representatives of leading global brands such as DR (Danish Radio), Lego and Velux. These speakers are highly experienced experts in data driven insights and marketing technology infrastructure.

Bryan Williams

Director Lego Agency

Daniel Svärd – Velux

Director of Data, Analytics and CX Performance

Jakob Faarvang (DK)

Head Of Product Management at DR – Danmarks Radio

Jonas Damgaard Nielsen

Director of Data, Analytics and CX Performance

Steen Rasmussen

Director of Analysis, Data & Learning, Senior Partner, Board member, International Keynote & Data Evanglist