CRO Masterclass: Improving your Experimentation ROI

27 April 2023

This half-day Masterclass is for everyone who is looking for in-depth insights into the power of Experimentation and how to maximize the ROI of it within your organization:

  • Product owners and product managers
  • Growth managers / leads / marketers / specialists
  • (Digital) marketing managers / leads / specialists
  • UX managers / leads / designers / researchers / specialists.
  • CRO / Conversion managers / specialists

The following 3 main topics will be presented and discussed in this Masterclass:

1) Implementing Experimentation as a growth engine – How to build it?

2) The importance of trustworthy Experimentation – What do you need to know?

3) How to get more results out of your experimentation efforts – How to do it?

This Masterclass is limited to max 15 attendees to make sure your questions on the topics will be answered.

Ton will stay for drinks after the Masterclass and is happy to answer follow-up questions.


Even though the content was difficult, it was explained in relatively simple terms

Theodor Andrei: Digital Growth Manager at WaterBear Network

I was able to immediately apply concepts such as segmentation and presentation of experiment results to my clients conversion programs. Ton shared great testing tools for better pre and post test calculations and analysis.

I highly recommend this cours to anyone who wants to up their A/B testing game!

Zharina Pelea: Digital Conversion Specialist at Catchi Digital

The A/B testing mastery course was phenomenal! One of the more challenging courses due to Ton’s in-depth teaching on testing math, pre-test planning, testing errors, and quality assurance. It really pushed me – and I loved it.

Philip Cross: CEO and Conversion Rate Optimizer at Premini Services Company

Your Trainer

Ton Wesseling (NL)

See Ton on Linkedin
Ton has more than 20 years of experience in online optimization and is known for being the founding father of Online Dialogue – thought leaders in evidence-based growth. Online Dialogue, based in the Netherlands, has helped large organizations worldwide to embed and maintain a high-quality and effective experimentation program.

Ton is recognized worldwide as an influential thinker, writer, and public speaker on conversion optimization and digital experiments. Ton hosts the A/B-testing mastery course on CXL and is also the founder of The Optimizers Community with renowned events like Conversion Hotel and the Experimentation Culture Awards.

“I’ve been working in this industry for over 20 years, and I still love it. Experimentation brings answers and joy; it’s a key driver for growth.” – Ton Wesseling.


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