Developing Marketing technology for Brands: Insights from Industry Innovators


Marketing Technology has evolved over recent years to meet the needs of Brands to stay competitive, profitable and innovative. For Superweek TV 2024, I interviewed people behind 3 innovative products in the world of marketing & analytics.

I spoke to Marta Saratowicz, Head of Product at IH Nordic, Dennis Golubovskyi, Founder of Stape, and Matt Gershoff, Founder of Conductrics. The discussion delved into their experiences and journeys in developing innovative products for brands.

  • Marta discusses IH Nordic’s product, Recapture, which offers a way to get more value from Google Analytics, emphasizing its ability to track users anonymously for a comprehensive view. She also talks about their marketing efforts and partnerships to expand the product’s reach.
  • Dennis talks about Stape‘s development, particularly focusing on creating a solution for the upcoming challenges related to privacy regulations and cookie deprecation. He highlights the automation aspect of Stape’s solution, making it accessible to smaller businesses.
  • Matt discusses Conductrics, its early stages, and challenges of introducing headless applications and server-side solutions. He emphasizes their high-touch approach with clients, providing dedicated support and tailored solutions for each client’s needs.

Marta Saratowicz: Head of Product at IIH Nordic

Marta Saratowicz brings a wealth of experience to her role as Head of Product at IIH Nordic. With a background in technical implementation and analysis, Marta’s career shift into the world of product management demonstrates her adaptability and strategic mindset. She has previously worked on tracking solutions, enabling clients to make data-driven decisions effectively. Her transition to IIH Nordic’s product development team has been seamless, leveraging her understanding of analytics and measurement plans.

At IIH Nordic, Marta is spearheading the development of Recapture, a product designed to extract more value from Google Analytics. Recapture offers an anonymous user tracking feature, providing a comprehensive view of user behavior and commercial metrics. In an era where privacy and cookieless tracking are paramount, Marta’s product aims to redefine how analytics are conducted. Her role extends beyond product development; she is also involved in the marketing and branding efforts for Recapture, showcasing her end-to-end responsibility for the product’s success.

Looking ahead, Marta is focused on innovation within the product space. She is instrumental in establishing a dedicated product team at IH Nordic, emphasizing the importance of staying ahead of industry changes. Through initiatives like hackathons and collaborations, she aims to foster an environment of continuous innovation. Marta’s vision includes expanding Recapture’s reach through partnerships with agencies, creating new channels for distribution, and ensuring that IH Nordic remains at the forefront of product development in the analytics industry.

Dennis Golubovskyi: Founder and Head of Stape

As the founder and head of Stape, Denis Golubovskyi embodies the entrepreneurial spirit driving innovation in the industry. His journey into product development began with a practical need – addressing the complexities arising from changes in tracking technologies. Denis, a developer with a background in backend systems, joined forces with his marketing partner to create a solution for the impending challenges posed by ITP and the deprecation of third-party cookies.

Stape’s journey is a testament to Denis’ foresight and problem-solving approach. What started as a collaboration between two freelancers has now grown into a platform serving over 50,000 customers. Stape’s success lies in its commitment to making advanced tracking solutions accessible to businesses of all sizes. Denis and his team have automated much of the implementation process, allowing even small Shopify and WordPress users to benefit from sophisticated tracking capabilities.

For Denis, the focus on support and partnership is key. Stape not only provides customer support but also dedicates resources to help agencies understand and implement their server-side GTM solutions. This collaborative approach has fostered strong relationships with agencies, creating a symbiotic ecosystem where knowledge sharing leads to mutual growth.

Looking ahead, Denis recognizes the evolving landscape of privacy regulations and technological advancements. Stape’s roadmap involves continuous hiring to meet the demands of an ever-changing industry. Denis is not just building a product; he’s cultivating a team and a community of users who rely on Stape’s innovative solutions for their tracking needs.

Matt Gershoff: Co-founder and Head of Conductrics

Matt Gershoff’s journey with Conductrics is a story of persistence, innovation, and a deep understanding of customer needs. With a background in machine learning and a prototype developed in 2008, Matt laid the foundation for Conductrics, a platform focused on experimentation and predictive targeting. Conductrics’ early days were marked by pioneering the integration of Reinforcement Learning and Bandits, predictive targeting, with  A/B and multivariate testing – all delivered through APIs and server-side solutions.

Matt’s approach to growth has been characterized by a commitment to service and authenticity. Conductrics’ offering is not just a software platform; it’s a partnership with clients in the mid to high-tier market. Each client receives a dedicated solution architect, ensuring a high-touch, boutique experience. Matt’s focus on long-term relationships means that Conductrics is deeply invested in the success of its clients, from initial setup to ongoing optimization.

Innovation remains at the core of Conductrics’ strategy. Matt recently introduced a customer feedback survey feature, which seamlessly integrates with the platform’s experimentation capabilities. This interconnected approach allows clients to gather real-time feedback and adjust user experiences accordingly. Matt’s vision for Conductrics involves leveraging customer insights to drive product development, creating a dynamic ecosystem where data informs decision-making at every level.

Looking ahead, Matt acknowledges the dynamic nature of the industry, with privacy regulations and emerging technologies shaping the landscape. Conductrics’ roadmap includes a continued focus on customer-centric innovation, building on its reputation for high-touch service and cutting-edge experimentation tools. Matt’s dedication to staying ahead of industry trends ensures that Conductrics remains a leader in the field of experimentation and predictive targeting.

Creating Products for Brands in the Digital Space 

Throughout the discussion, there’s a focus on the need for ongoing innovation due to evolving industry landscapes, such as changing privacy regulations and new technologies. Marta mentions IH Nordic’s plans to establish a dedicated product team for ongoing innovation, while Dennis and Matt emphasize the importance of staying ahead of industry changes and customer feedback. They all touch on the complexities of the industry, the need for partnerships and collaborations, and the role of their products in providing value and solutions for brands navigating the digital space.

Product Innovation, Customer Engagement & Redefining Analytics

Marta, Denis and Matt’s work with developing and managing their products has an impact in the industry and the brands these products serve. The conversation highlighted the importance of innovation, customer engagement, and adapting to the changing landscape of brand tools and analytics.

In conclusion, the discussion illuminated the complexities and opportunities in developing product tools for brands. From redefining analytics methodologies to providing personalized, high-touch services, these industry leaders are paving the way for future innovations in the field.

Jomar Reyes

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