Introduction to Inbound

‘Inbound’ is what marketers refer to as the strategy of creating content and experiences that attract customers. From the customer’s point of view, inbound marketing provides to them some answers and insights of what a brand can deliver.

Inbound marketing has seen its rise to prominence with the rise of the internet, which has made search engines a vital part of connecting buyers to brands. Content marketing is a powerful strategy producing assets that provide a ‘long tail’ of value to the brand.

With social media becoming a bigger part of the internet, the buyer now has a voice to openly publish both praise and complaints about the brand experience. Brands have also become publishers and creators of community not just products and services. 

Online video has also become an influential medium within social media and video networks such as YouTube, the world’s second largest search engine.

In this episode we will explore experts in Content Marketing/SEO, Video Marketing and Social Media/Conversational Marketing.

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Chief Marketing Officer



Sofie is a digital marketeer most comfortable in the space between strategy and hands-on execution, data and creativity, content and lead generation. Ever since discovering content marketing years ago, it has been her passion – and she’s eager to share her view on content, strategy and lead generation through numerous articles, lectures, workshops and classes. She has been at the agency side for a couple of years, a a-kasse and now a SaaS-company – always with content marketing and digital strategy as the centerpoint.

Sofie is the CMO at TimeLog, a Professional services automation (PSA) platform supporting and optimising the internal processes from deal to cash flow for service organisations.

Specialties: Content marketing, storytelling, copywriting, SEO, communication strategy, social media, personas, inbound marketing, lead generation, marketing automation

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Head of Digital Performance Marketing



Anna is a Digital Marketer with extensive experience in digital marketing strategy development, design, and coordination across teams. As the Head of Digital Performance Marketing for Mouseflow, her team is responsible for scaling the brand globally to a market of fellow marketers that need to optimize their customer journeys online.

Anna has experience with international brands holding various positions like Digital Marketing Manager at GoMore where she developed and implemented marketing strategies across 5 markets (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Spain, and France), Online Marketing Manager at Momondo with a focus on the Russian market.

With attaining her Master’s degree in International Business in 2013 combined with her range in strategic business experience, Anna represents the new generation of leaders in marketing.

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Partner Manager



Casper’s mantra is: “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”

Since July 2019, he’s worked on educating agencies and marketers all over the world to believe in the same mantra, especially when it comes to video.

With a Bachelor’s in Communication & Digital Media and a Masters in Communication, Casper is leading the new generation of content savvy marketers. He was an Associate Partner with the Content Marketing Company before moving into the role of Partner manager at TwentyThree, the video marketing platform.

Casper brings insights to how video marketing and webinars can provide a powerful and engaging channel for brands to attract new customers and build trust and loyalty with existing customers.

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Jomar Reyes is architect of the Brand Leadership Community, and also serves in the Advisory Group working on strategy for community, marketing, media production and social media. He also consults to international brands in these areas through DCN Nordic.

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