Join us for the second MarTech Jam Session Copenhagen, a Meetup format where leading brand innovators talk about technology in the areas of Customer Data Platform Strategy, eCommerce, personalization, conversion optimisation and the hot topic of the day Artificial Intelligence.

Our advisory council of industry leading subject matter experts speak their mind and share their insights on various industry panels. Also featured will be special industry experts and representatives from leading technologies and agencies.

This is a community experience where you will;

  • Be inspired by your peers
  • Make new connections with like minded AND minds that will alter your thinking
  • Meet the cutting edge technology vendors who believe in the power of community

Held in the Brand Leadership Community headquarters in the centre of Copenhagen (Højbro Plads), the second Martech Jam Session CPH will be a great way to kick off 2024.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Nikola Krunic
Head of the Martech Section
Brand Leadership Community


14 March 2024

Højbro Plads 10


Core Themes:

The proliferation of cloud infrastructure has powered marketing technology. The effectiveness of this technology is driven by data, how it is collected, managed and how it is activated throughout the technology stack.

The second Martech Jam Session will host panel sessions and break out peer groups covering these hot topics.

  • Artificial Intelligence and Brands: AI has the potenial to transform marketing and analytics with richer consumer insights through advanced data analysis, predictive modeling, and personalized recommendation systems. Some of the key challenges are:
    • Ethical concerns regarding privacy and the responsibility of storing customer data
    • Intergrating AI into existing tools / tools developing their own AI functionality
  • Customer Data Platform Strategy: ‘To CDP or Not CDP, that is the question’. With ongoing regulatory changes with data privacy and a consumer shift towards protecting their personal data, a solid data strategy is critical for organisations behind all brands.
    • Is the current CDP methodology outdated and are there new ‘best practices’ in building best of breed CDP?
    • What are the key benefits that a CDP delivers to a brand and its customers.
    • How can a CDP streamline an organisations costs in forecasting, inventory management, distribution and profit margins?
  • The Future of eCommerce Technology: Heavily dependent on data, eCommerce Tech is the frontline the online customer experience.
    • What are some of the critical foundations in data strategy for eCommerce?
    • How can technology empower global online business?
    • What are the latest technology features brands and organisations should be planning for?
  • Technology and the Brand Experience: Technology is changing the way brands connect with a greater audience.
    • How can technology support a great brand experience?
    • Technology and Customer Lifetime Value – measuring, managing & growing.
    • Streamlining the customer journey with technology – Conversion optimisation, Personalisation and the importance of experimentation

Martech Panelists & Group Moderators

Brand Leadership Community Advisors

Nikola Krunic

Edward Fowler

Frederik Werner

Christina Elmark

Steen Rasmussen

Rasmus Houlind

Heidi Ahlefeldt-Laurvig

Jomar Reyes

About the Martech Jam Session

Earlier this year we started formulating the experience for this Martech Section as a part of the Brand Leadership Community. Our committe represent a diverse background in working with brands and the technology behind the scenes. Together we have engineered ‘a person to person experience’ to connect people from brands, agencies and technology companies bring their minds together to push new boundaries.

We look forward to the second evening event, which that continues to build foundations of our Martech Community here in Copenhagen, and eventually through out various cities throughout the world.

For those who work with technology behind the marketing of brands, those who push the boundaries of the latest technologies, those who live and breath this journey in their profession, this event is for you.