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Since 2008, Web Analytics Wednesday Copenhagen has been a premier gathering for analysts, data engineers, scientists and marketers who are at the forefront of leveraging online data to enhance their brand’s performance.

This event features both international and local Danish speakers, as well as representatives from the latest cutting edge technologies, creating a dynamic and thriving community.


Research from WAW-CPH 26 April 2023 – Biggest trends and topics in analytics

At the up and coming WAW-CPH, data continues to be the hot topic in relation to privacy, experimentation, personalisation and activation. 2023 will be known as the year that Google made the industry re-evaluate their martech and data structure. This edition brings together diverse minds on stage to share their insights, that could equip us all to build the right data driven brand strategies, tactics combined with the right tools and techniques.

Customer Data Platform 2.0: With ongoing regulatory changes with data privacy and a consumer shift towards protecting their personal data, the role of a CDP is intensifying. The relationship between brands, customers and customer data is rapidly evolving. With Google’s data cut off, it’s major product sunsets and new version of analytics, ALL companies are evaluating their data technology and strategy

  • Where does this position other major and new vendors in the area of analytics?
  • What changes and evolutions with the Customer Data Platform have in relation to major brands and their winning strategies.

Artificial Intelligence: AI has the potenial to transform marketing and analytics with richer consumer insights through advanced data analysis, predictive modeling, and personalized recommendation systems. But is this yet to be proven? What the investments in technology, implementation and re-training need to achieve this dream setup.

Data Driven Marketing Tech: With the 2023 Marketing Technology landscape exploding to over 11,000 software tools, how do organisations configure the combination of tools that will increase effiency, profibility and most importantly the customer experience. Marketing technology will only work as well with the

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Sigurdsgade 26
Copenhagen 2200 Denmark


27 Sept 2023

Featured International Speakers

From the previous WAW CPH (Sept 2023)

Frederik Werner (Germany)

As a highly decorated industry expert, he has successfully implemented digital analytics systems and strategies in companies of all shapes and sizes, regularly sharing his experiences at many events and conferences, as well as on the award-nominated blog Full Stack Analyst. Frederik is the EMEA Adobe Analytics User Group lead, and recognised as one of the leading experts.

Frederik now works full time with Accutics as their solutions architect, and evangist of the Accutics enterprise product.

Alex Bishop

Alex specializes in Adobe solutions, including Analytics, Customer Journey Analytics, and Adobe Target. With years of experience across Adobe Experience Cloud products, Alex is skilled in delivering versatile solutions.

Additionally, Alex understands data architecture well, ensuring timely and effective data management. Alex also has knowledge of CDP ecosystems and Google Cloud functionality.

Tim Ceuppens (Belgium)

Tim has been working on websites and promoting them since 1997. That’s 26 years of experience in a medium just over 30 years old. From leadership roles in open source communities, agencies and at award-winning brands and D2C e-commerce companies: He’s seen it all.

For the last few years, he’s been working on eradicating his pet peeve: Poor data communication. He helps people use the psychology of data to create a more significant impact and a successful career. He describes his role as a Data Raconteur.

Tim builds on experiences at clients like Xandres, Essent, DPG Media, Happiness Brussels, BBDO and many more…

Robert Petkovic

Robert Petkovic is a respected professional consultant renowned for his expertise in leveraging data to influence and drive decision-making among relevant stakeholders. Robert has honed his skills in data analytics, translating complex insights into actionable strategies, and helping organizations make informed and impactful choices.

As an accomplished data strategist, Robert possesses a unique ability to extract valuable patterns and trends from vast datasets, delivering invaluable insights to businesses across diverse sectors. His talks focus on his strategic guidance, where he empowers companies to optimize their processes, enhance performance, and identify growth opportunities.

Natasha Rogen

A native Texan, Natasha now calls Copenhagen home working as a Product Data Analyst for Too Good To Go, a socially-conscious Danish tech company founded in 2016, now with a global reach. Natasha’s career thus far, includes working as a research analyst, a business analyst, and product management.
Today, as a Product Data Analyst, Natasha works with data (Amplitude and SQL) to produce insights and communicate metrics across the business with the Key Accounts Product team.

Flemming Lund Blixt

Flemming Lund is a seasoned professional with over 25 years of expertise in leadership, specializing in database, e-mail, and 1:1 marketing.

His extensive managerial background further positions him as an excellent choice for leading digital or presales teams. Flemming’s skill set encompasses Database Marketing, E-mail Marketing, Web Marketing, 1:1 Marketing, CRM, Large Scale Campaign Management, Complex CRM, Automated cross channel marketing, ecommerce, and digital customer experience.

Today at IIH Nordic Flemming is the Cloud and Data Science team lead specializing in develop Customer Data Plaform solutions for enterprise clients.


16:00 Arrival and Check in – Make sure you have been checked in!

16:45 Welcome & Happy Birthday to WAW-CPH – Steen & Jomar

17:05 Foundation for Action – Alex Bishop

17:30 The Psychology of Data  – Tim Ceuppens, CMO at Pit&Pit

18:00 So I’ve bought a CDP – Why isn’t it working? – Flemming Lund Blixt at IIH Nordic

18:20 Short Break (Turn around and greet a neighbour)

18:25 Malmo Ticket Release – Corie and Caroline

18:35 Panel: On the Horizon – Data, ethics and Business

  • Ed Fowler – Head of Grouth – Better Collective
  • Nikola Krunic – Media Analyst Lead – Saxo Bank
  • Robert Johnson – Director of Insights & Activation – IIH Nordic

19:00 Subject Matter Breakouts

19:25 The Big Break

19:50 The Decision Economy – Steen Rasmussen – IIH Nordic

20:15 Just Act Like an Analyst – Robert Petrovic – Pro Media Group

20:40 A Really Short Break

20:45 Beyond Numerical Values: Natasha Rogen – Product Analyst – Too Good To Go

21:10 Incremental Analytics – Frederik Werner – Head of Analytics – Head of Adobe User Group EMEA – Accutics

21:35 Wrapping up

21:40 Free range discussions

22:00 Close

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