About Web Analytics Wednesday Copenhagen


24 April 2024
16:30 – 22:00


Since 2008, Web Analytics Wednesday Copenhagen has been a premier gathering for 2-300 analysts and marketers who are at the forefront of leveraging online data to enhance their brand’s performance. This event features both international and local Danish speakers, as well as representatives from the latest technologies, creating a dynamic and thriving community.


15:30 Arrival.
16.00 – 16.20: Check in & welcome, with Jomar Reyes (AU) & Steen Rasmussen (DK), IIH Nordic.
16.20 – 16.50: How to show data to humans: Fabrizio Bianchi (I), Signiore of Data & Analytics, NoA Ignite.
16.50 – 17.10: Sponsor.
17.10 – 17.30: Hype and return of AI in marketing and analytics: 
                        Hector Martinez (S), Senior Machine Learning Specialist IIH Nordic.
17.30 – 18.00: Topic break-out sessions.

18.00 – 18.30: The Biggest Break

18.30 – 18.50: Mastering the AI maze: Navigating the new terrain of data, user perception & analytics evolution
                           Olga Safonova (Ru), Product Leader, Workday.
18.50 – 19.10: “Bring order to your GA4 data in BigQuery – Dataform to the rescue”:
                           Johan Strand (SE), Web Analytics Specialist, CtrDigital.

19.10 – 19.30: Sponsor: 
19.30 – 20.00 What’s your strategy?: Superweek Allstar, ex-Monk Rocker (Doug Hall) (UK).
20:00 – 20.10: Perspectives & Closure: with Steen Rasmussen (DK), IIH Nordic.
20.10 – End of the road – Networking and free hugs… 

Featured Speakers

Doug Hall (UK)

Superweek All-star & ex ‘Monk-Rocker’

Formerly the VP of Data Services and Technology at Media.Monks in EMEA, Doug led a team of data analysts, engineers, and scientists dedicated to transforming clients’ digital marketing and analytics capabilities. At the 2024 Superweek event, Doug played a prominent role hosting and speaking at multiple sessions.

With over 25 years of experience in the data and technology field, Doug boasts a proven track record of delivering innovative and impactful solutions that drive business growth and customer satisfaction.

His mission is to inform and engage, utilizing data as a powerful tool to create meaningful and personalized experiences for audiences across channels and platforms. Passionate about data strategy, privacy, and ethics, Doug possesses extensive knowledge and skills in the Google Marketing Platform, public speaking, and vegan cuisine. Always eager to learn new things, challenge himself, and collaborate with others who share his vision, Doug is committed to making a difference with data.

Johan Strand

Senior Digital Analyst, Ctrl Digital

Johan Strand is a seasoned Digital Analyst with over a decade of expertise in ecommerce, online marketing, and meticulous tracking methodologies. Specializing in the Google Marketing Platform, his proficiency spans Google Analytics 360, Google Cloud, Tagmanager, BigQuery, and Data Studio. Johan excels as a liaison between Marketing, IT, and Legal domains, ensuring seamless collaboration.

With extensive experience in Google Analytics 360 (UA/GA4) & Firebase, Google Tag Manager, Google Bigquery, and Google Cloud technologies, he adeptly navigates data landscapes. Proficient in SQL, Python, and Javascript, Johan seamlessly integrates web tracking solutions. His repertoire includes Amplitude, Snowplow Analytics, Matomo, and Piwik PRO, enriching data insights. Johan is committed to guiding and empowering clients through every stage of their data journey.

 Olga Safonova

Product Leader, Workday

Introducing Olga Safonova, a visionary Product Leader at Workday, where she spearheads the Actionable Insights initiative. This advanced solution uses AI to boost employee experiences and furnish leaders with pivotal strategic insights. With a robust 20-year background in technology, product management, and digital strategy, Olga has consistently delivered innovative, user-centric products that address customer needs and drive substantial value. Her previous role as Director of Product Management at Siteimprove saw her shaping product vision, strategy, and guiding a team dedicated to web accessibility and digital marketing technologies. Olga’s expertise extends through significant tenures at Saxo Bank and LEO Innovation Lab, where she honed her skills in product-led growth, digital marketing, and analytics.

At our event, Olga will present “Mastering the AI Maze: Navigating the New Terrain of Data, User Perception, and Analytics Evolution,” exploring the complexities and advancements in AI-driven analytics. Passionate about crafting impactful products, Olga is committed to positively influencing both life and work through innovation.

Fabrizio Bianchi

Signiore of Data & Analytics, NoA Ignite

Meet Fabrizio Bianchi, a distinguished Senior Data Consultant at NoA Ignite Denmark. With over four years of expertise in data analytics, business intelligence, and customer insights, Fabrizio has been a driving force in data-driven solutions. His mastery in tools like Tableau, PowerBI, and Data Studio, along with his significant achievements in data transformation and web/app tracking, have revolutionized how businesses harness data for strategic decisions.

At our upcoming event, Fabrizio will present “How to Show Data to Humans,” focusing on making complex data accessible and actionable. His approach not only ensures data quality and consistency but also transforms insights into strategies that drive business growth and optimization. Join us to learn from Fabrizio’s passion and expertise in leveraging data for business excellence.

Héctor P. Martínez

Machine Learning Specialist

Meet Héctor P. Martínez, a Machine Learning Specialist at IIH Nordic, proficient in enhancing business operations through data-driven tools since 2017. Previously, Héctor developed eye tracking systems at The Eye Tribe and supported Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy’s The Division as a BI Analyst. Also a former part-time lecturer at the IT University of Copenhagen, he taught data mining and supervised numerous theses.

At our upcoming event, Héctor will speak on the “Hype and Return of AI in Marketing and Analytics,” examining the transformative impact of AI in the marketing sector. His extensive experience in data analysis and machine learning makes him a valuable contributor to discussions on the evolving role of AI in enhancing business strategies.

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