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Mobile First for eCom

Christina Elmark

Christine Elmark the importance of having a ‘Mobile First’ mindset with eCommerce

The Internet for eCom – Mihaela Risca

Mihaela talks about challenges the internet as a platform has as it was designed for communications, and is being pushed into applications like eCommerce

Technology Changing Business Structure – Heidi Teschemacher

Heidi talks about how new technology has fundamentally changed the way that businesses are structured and the changing skills/roles needed in eCommerce

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The eCommerce Technology Stack

The missing pieces of the puzzle – enhancing eCommerce and digital B2B for business.

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The missing pieces of the puzzle – enhancing ecommerce and digital B2B for business

With online sales at all time highs, fraud attempts and attacks up also up 30%. on average over the previous year. 

As retailers and brands look to tap into the increased volume of online sales (due to the pandemic), there is both an opportunity and a need for these businesses to upgrade their technology infrastructure, both to remain competitive by enhancing the experience, but at the same time putting up safeguards against the increasing fraud and attacks.

Between Risk and Experience

It is in this cross section where customer experience meets risk, that the huge opportunity for optimization exists at the movement, since maximizing business also increases undesired attention from hackers and frauds.

What the Numbers Say

Statistics directly show that larger ecommerce sites are much more likely to be targeted. At the same time, the consumers and customers have significantly increased their expectation of rich media, page speed and reliability raising the bar for site performance.

About this Event

Join this event to dive into the balance between give and take for the right new version of digital business and ecommerce – for both B2B and B2C.

Performance, security and availability are critical foundational elements for eCommerce and online business.

To help explore this cross section we have gather a panel focusing on both supporting growth and utilising technology to deliver exceptional results. Our expert panel of advisors will explore considerations and technologies for configuring the best of breed technology stack for an optimal customer experience and ultimately creating an eCommerce channel that will lay the path for solid growth over the years.

Topics discussed include;

  • Customer experience – The art of Page Performance
  • The Speed vs. rich media balance
  • Risk vs. Turnover – Optimising Fraud prevention
  • Reliability & Stability – Always online through traffic surges and attacks
  • Data integration – Connecting source for business outcome
  • Web Platforms – Combining CMS, OMS & a Mobile First mindset


Webstore Director

Sleepacy at Hilding Anders International AB


Christina’s passion and energy for digital business is infectious. With her career in digital starting in 1997, she has worked with brands such as Magazin du Nord, Ilse Jacobsen, Rosemunde, Bodum, Trollbeads and Sennheiser Communication.

She challenges the status quo of traditional business leading with the shift in using the latest in digital technology and data when it comes to eCommerce. Her experiences has given her priceless learnings and ultimately a track record of impressive results, positioning her as one of the leading eCommerce pioneers from the Nordics.

She is a founding member of the Brand Leadership Community Advisory Group and is heading up our eCommerce group.

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Member of:
Brand Leadership Community Advisory Group, Head of eCommerce Group

Chief Commercial Officer
Life Extension Europe


Over the last 15 years, Heidi has been at the forefront of brand growth through digital transformation in marketing and eCommerce. Heidi’s drive lies in her innovative thinking, ability to challenge and transform mindset into ‘customer-centric and less in-love with features’.

She was born into branding and retail, working at P&G, L’Oreal, Cloetta, Meny and Coop. Heidi is now Chief Commercial Officer at Life Extension Europe. In recent years, she has directed this company to focus on the advanced usage of data and relevance to its digital audience. This has delivered unprecedented results.

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Member of
Brand Leadership Community Advisory Group

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Cloudflare (NY, USA)


Mihaela Risca has more than 20 years of IT experience, first as a software developer, then as a solutions architect and solutions manager for companies, like Cisco, NetApp, Cloudera, Pure Storage. Her diverse background gives her a broad perspective on technology trends and applications and she likes to stay on the cutting edge, at the intersection of technology and business.

Mihaela leads vertical marketing at Cloudflare and is responsible for translating technical capabilities into business value propositions for the different industries where Cloudflare operates.

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Jomar Reyes is architect and founder of the Brand Leadership Community, and also serves in the Advisory Group working on strategy for community, marketing, media production and social media. He also consults to international brands in these areas through DCN Nordic.

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Member of
Brand Leadership Community Advisory Group