The Reason You are Reading this…

Welcome to the registration page to join the Brand Leadership Community’s founding advisory group. You’ve no doubt been referred here as someone who has a great sense of community in the industries around brand leadership.

About BrandLeadership.Community

With the advice and support of founding advisors, the Brand Leadership Community brings together all the disciplines in marketing from advertising (Online & traditional), digital marketing, data/analytics, eCommerce, social media, content marketing, video marketing, SEO, User Experience and design.

Ongoing activities

In building a strong community, the Brand Leadership community will be launching a series of free meet-ups and information sessions for its members, as well as commercial workshops, network groups and masterclasses. These are scheduled to commence in 2021, and will be announced later in 2020.

The Brand Leadership Community webcast series is an opportunity for you to have your voice heard, and to influence the greater industry towards the right directions.

About You

You’ve been identified as someone who stands out above the crowd, because you genuinely care about the crowd…

You have lead the way, and had to make your own discoveries to get the job done, but you also have a good network and share your insights with people who also give you insights.

You are most likely seen as a mentor to a few – and have learned as much from your mentee as they from you.

You always see the good in others. Though sometimes you do get burnt by some, you don’t waste time in vengeance and stay focused to the job at had.

You are a visionary in your own field. The status quo is either not good enough, or still development.

You have achieved something epic, or you have ‘to achieve something epic’ in your bucket list.

Being a Part of the Brand Leadership Community Advisory Group

Your feedback, input and suggestions on the Brand Leadership Community’s functions are not only highly valued, but will shape the journey of many others.

As a person who strongly believes in the power of knowledge sharing, you’ll be invited to be speaking on some of our events, webinars and podcasts, positioned as a leading authority in your field.

You are ambitious to make a difference, before ambitions of climbing the corporate ladder.

You might be considering a position as a professional board member in other companies. This opportunity would be a strong starting point in that direction.

In this advisory group you’ll connect, inspire/be inspired with like minded fellow advisors.

If this long and winded text has moved you in any way, join us… and please register.

Once you have registered, your details will be shared with the other Advisory Group members and you will be able to connect on Linkedin.