Subscribing to Updates from the Brand Leadership Community

Welcome to the registration page to keep updated from our community. We will be announcing activities such as webinars, workshops, masterclasses (Both online and physical – as when possible)

About the BrandLeadership.Community

Managed and operated by DCN Nordic ApS, the Brand Leadership Community maintains an advisory group who are experienced professionals in the product, marketing and branding industries. The community is currently in pre-launch phase, and will roll out in the Nordics in 2020, then city chapters will be set up internationally from 2021 onwards.


Regular webinars will be produced feature some of the world’s leading minds in branding and marketing. We’ll keep you updated as soon as new webinars have been announced.

Brand Leadership Symposium

Currently ‘in planning’ for late 2021, the first Symposium (In Copenhagen, Denmark) will be a full day and evening event with talks, discussion panels, peer to peer sessions and technology updates.

Official Launch

The official launch date is 19 November 2020. More information will follow.

[Coming Soon] Official Membership

Different levels of membership will be announced over time. The first 500 memberships will be released prior to the launch, through and ‘invite only’ or ‘application’. This is done in order to maintain the integrity of the community, selecting those who align with our community values. These first 500 members will also take part in industry surveys for us to be able to produce the best content, and to assist our partners in developing activities and initiatives that best serve the community.