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Trailer Episode: Unveiling ‘The Problem With…’ Podcast

About this Podcast Series

“The Problem With…” transcends the conventional podcast—it’s a community-driven exploration of challenges and solutions in the ever-evolving landscape of marketing, content creation, and technology.

The upcoming podcast series from the Brand Leadership Community is a journey into the intricate realms of branding. Delivered with dynamic and engaging conversations, industry insiders Jomar Reyes, Sofie Hermansen, and Nikola Krunic, members of the advisory council, unveil this intriguing podcast that promises to unearth and dissect the often overlooked challenges plaguing these dynamic sectors.

First Discussion with the Hosts

Embracing the Unspoken Challenges

The trio expressed their excitement about the new endeavor, highlighting the community’s strong foundation in events and people-centric initiatives. Jomar set the stage by acknowledging the success of the first series of the brand analytics podcast and the anticipation surrounding the future ones. The focal point, however, was the unveiling of the new podcast series, which aims to tackle the under discussed challenges within the industry.

An Inside Look at the Concept

Sofie explains the concept behind “The Problem With…”. She painted a vivid picture of the modern business landscape, emphasizing the struggles faced by marketing and content teams in chasing elusive KPIs. The post-COVID world, according to Sofie, has raised poignant questions about the effectiveness of marketing and content strategies, giving birth to what she affectionately termed a “Friday Night Rant.” The podcast, she explained, aims to dissect everything that has gone awry in marketing and collaboratively explore solutions.

Shining a Light on Content Challenges

Jomar brings attention to the specific challenges within content and B2B storytelling. Sofie delved into the intricacies of measuring the quality of content, pointing out the industry’s tendency to prioritize performance metrics over qualitative assessment. She identified impatience as a prevalent issue, emphasizing the need for a long-term strategy instead of short-term gains.

There’s a lot of pseudo content, where we’re not actually doing good content. We’re just putting stuff out there,” remarked Sofie, underscoring the need for genuine, quality content creation.

Rediscovering Brand Equity

Drawing from his extensive experience at AC Nielsen, Jomar Reyes brought attention to the diminishing focus on brand equity in recent years. He emphasized the importance of a long-term approach, highlighting the apparent neglect of brand equity in the current performance-oriented landscape.

The problem with brand equity is no one’s talking about it,” Jomar noted, shedding light on the shift in industry priorities.

Data-Driven World vs. Story-Driven Humans

Nikola entered the conversation, adding depth to the dialogue by contrasting the data-driven world with the inherently story-driven nature of humans. The discussion unfolded into a critique of “pseudo content,” which clutters digital spaces, ultimately hindering the genuine storytelling potential of data. The trio illuminated the clash between SEO-driven content and meaningful, story-driven narratives.

We have a lot of pseudo content that is basically garbage there. It’s just there to take space,” Nikola lamented, emphasizing the need for a meaningful marriage between data and storytelling.

A Community-Driven Format

Jomar explained the unique format of the podcast, highlighting the involvement of the advisory council members. Each episode will feature a deep dive into issues, with councilors providing insights from diverse perspectives, be it performance marketing, data analytics, or storytelling. The trio expressed their eagerness to address a wide array of topics, from performance marketing and brand equity to AI and ethics.

Embracing the Excitement of Problems

As the conversation flowed, the trio conveyed their enthusiasm for the podcast’s potential therapeutic value. Sofie spoke about the excitement derived from addressing problems and the energy that arises from facing challenges. The idea is to create a platform where professionals can relate to shared problems and find solace in the shared experience.

Anticipating the Launch in 2024

With a plethora of new technologies and challenges emerging, Nikola encouraged the audience to join the brainstorming session on problems to be discussed. Jomar pointed out the changing customer base and the delicate balance between privacy and personalization, teasing the exciting topics that lay ahead. The podcast, they agreed, is not just a platform for discussions but a source of therapeutic relief for industry professionals.


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