• January 2021: Anders Lykke has been appointed as the head of Sustainability advisory group. He is joined by committee members Sarah Grande Hill and Emil Traczyk.
  • We are now taking applications to join this group of 15 advisors. Contact emil@dcnnordic.com for more information.

Brand Leadership Community Sustainability Section

Sustainability is more than thinking about the environment. It is about true balance in society where we as humans can serve our own needs, without compromising the needs of others, sacrificing nature or affecting the ability of future generations in meeting their own needs.

This section will look at ways that brands and the professionals behind brands can incorporate sustainable practices, values and the project it in the communications to their audiences.

Brand Leadership Community will discuss sustainability with leading practitioners in the brand and marketing industry, learning from the mistakes of  the past, new discoveries and innovations.

Advisory Group

The section is lead by an advisory group of professionals that have experience, insights and a passion for sustainable practices. By bringing their minds together, they explore the best ways forward in business where there are no side effects to the environment or society.

Anders Lykke

Head of Brand Sustainability Group
Jan 2021 – Present

Sustainability Committee

A Introduction From Anders Lykke

Sustainability is on every company’s agenda, but what about driving the drastic change that is needed? Are we waiting for politicians to get their act together or for our customers to start demanding different things from us? Are we afraid of jeopardizing our bottom lines or do we simply refrain from having actual conversations about sustainability because we realise that we run the risk of coming across as mere hypocrites?

The goal of this group is to identify ways to bring the discussions of brand and organisational change within the topic of sustainability to the table, through the editorial we publish. The group deeply about creating a better and more sustainable tomorrow and – ideally – inspire you to influence and drive initiatives at your company. It all starts with a conversation because how else are we going to walk the talk?

Anders Lykke

Head of Sustainability Group

Sarah Grande Hill

Sustainability Group Committee Member

Emil Traczyk

Sustainability Group Committee Member