Mastering Customer Retention with Juliana Jackson

Mastering Customer Retention


Unlock the power of customer data for your ecommerce brand with our upcoming Customer Retention Masterclass. Tailored for middle-sized and enterprise ecommerce companies, this Masterclass will empower you to strategically invest at the right time and measure the impact of retention on your business.

Are you ready to unveil the hidden gems of mastering customer retention for your ecommerce brand?
Discover the untapped potential of voice of customer data, gaining invaluable insights into your customers’ desires, preferences, and needs. Align these insights with your business outcomes to drive unprecedented success.

Led by industry expert Juliana Jackson, formerly known as “The CLV Lady,” this masterclass is designed for marketing professionals, visionary business owners, and ecommerce enthusiasts. Together, we’ll redefine your brand’s position in the competitive market.

Equip yourself with actionable strategies and  and pragmatic techniques to optimize your customer retention approach and become a trailblazer in the ever-evolving ecommerce landscape. Don’t miss this exclusive chance to take your business to new heights!


Announced soon for 2024


Brand Leadership Community
Højbro Pl. 10
1200 Copenhagen

Includes refreshments and lunch


4,900 dkk

3,430 dkk Super Earlybird -30% to be annonced soon

Your Trainer

Juliana Jackson

Juliana has been speaking about retention and CLV almost daily since 2019. Equally she has been continuously testing and challenging her own beliefs about what works and what doesn’t. She teaches her techniques of consistently testing to understand what can impact retention and customer lifetime value.
Juliana Conclusions: Retention does work, but in the right context, with the right amount of efforts invested in product and customer experience, which and often are initiatives that go well beyond the marketing department.

Juliana is also the host and founder of the Standard Deviatation podcast and runs her Technical Marketing Blog on

Juliana is listed in the top 59 A/B testing influencers you need to follow in 2023.