Day -3: 26 Jan 2024 – The Road to Superweek 2024

The first real blog style post for the Brand Leadership Community is here. You are reading it. As I type this post, at this moment… I’m preparing myself for Superweek 2024, probably the most influential conference I’ve ever attended, and now am a part of.

So much happens at a Superweek, it is so overwhelming that we do get overloaded, forget ideas, lose track of conversations and people as we return to normal life. This classic ‘blog’ style entry serves the purpose of managing the Superweek overload.

I do have an official role at Superweek, and that is as a one of 3 hosts of Superweek TV, which are live interviews with interesting minds at Superweek. Today, I’m reviewing my short list of interview subjects and topics for next week.

From Superweek 2023, Zoli (The event founder) produced a 30 minute documentary from speakers and attendees from the event. And this year, some we will also most likely be involved in the 2024 documentary.

So, I’ll be journalling my time for Superweek here, noting some interesting people, interviews, talks, ideas and technologies that I come across. I’ll also be producing podcast episodes both for Inside Brand Leadership and Brand Analytics Podcast Season 2. I may even drop a quick vlog along the way.
Stay tuned…

Day -1: 28 Jan 2024 – The Road to Superweek 2024

Packing for 5 days in two bags is always a joy. Everyone going to Superweek is letting everyone on Linkedin know that they are going. So I had to join in…

  • Audio Recording Unit (Zoom H6)
  • 3x Lavalier microphones
  • Chargers
  • Hiking shoes
  • Swiming shorts (Hot springs at the hotel)

Day 1: 29 Jan 2024 – Arrival

Ran into Anna Lewis (Measurecamp London) and Katrin Ribant (Measurecamp New York) at the airport. On the 2.5hr shuttle bus ride we shared some thoughts on Measurecamp especially for Kartrin running and setting up a new city.

Ran into some usual suspects in the restaurant for dinner..

Managed to lose in style at the quiz night…