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About ‘The Problem With…’ Podcast

“The Problem With…” transcends the conventional podcast—it’s a community-driven exploration of challenges and solutions in the ever-evolving landscape of marketing, content creation, and technology. As the launch date approaches, industry professionals can anticipate a refreshing and insightful addition to their podcast playlists.

The upcoming podcast series from the Brand Leadership Community is a journey into the intricate realms of branding. Delivered with dynamic and engaging conversations, industry insiders Jomar Reyes, Sofie Hermansen, and Nikola Krunik, members of the advisory council, unveil this intriguing podcast that promises to unearth and dissect the often overlooked challenges plaguing these dynamic sectors.

Each episode promises a deep dive into issues, drawing from the insights of councilors specializing in performance marketing, data analytics, storytelling, and more. The podcast aims to be not just a discussion platform but a source of therapeutic relief, offering professionals a space to share and find solace in shared experiences.


Webcast: Leadership & Digital Culture – Brand Leadership for the CxO

Business leaders from C level to the board level, are the key drivers for the shift of a company’s culture towards true digital transformation. This webinar explores digital transformation at […]

Webinar Series Launch

The Brand Leadership Community is launching 2 webinar series, ‘The Future of eCommerce’ and ‘Brand Leadership for the CxO’. Starting in September 2020, these will follow a twice monthly schedule alternating between the two.

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The First Advisory Group Meeting

27 August 2020, Copenhagen Denmark: The Brand Leadership Community had it’s first advisory group meeting at the Accrease offices. 21 branding professional attended from Denmark, UK, Ireland, The Netherlands and […]


Released every 2 weeks from January


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