GA4 Campaign Tracking Masterclass – Steen Rasmussen


Google Analytics 4 opens campaign tracking up to some brand new options and a new way of thinking, but it also increases the demands on the organization.


Your scenario:

Everybody knows how to do GA4 campaign tracking right? 

Just slap the usual UTM code on and continue with marketing as usual. 


So there has never been more ways to do it wrong.

And since campaign tracking is one of the most important things to create value with Google Analytics and improve the marketing and campaign activities, then this is one thing that is critical to get right… the first time.

Getting campaign tracking right can actually increase the return on marketing up to 30 %.

In this session Steen dives into the tuff decisions that have to be made and explores how next level GA4 campaign tracking can create next level results.


  • Master class in English.
  • At an inspiring location at Google Copenhagen.
  • Taught and mentored by international keynote Steen Rasmussen

Who Should Join?

We look at both the more overall business aspect and at the practical operational side of Google Analytics 4 and not the deep technical aspects.

Therefore the masterclass has a low technical approach and is intended for those who need an operational understanding of campaign performance and how to optimize the tracking to improve evaluation of the marketing investments and make better digital marketing decisions. .

Examples of positions for which this training is suitable are digital marketing managers and executioners and digital analytics professionals who are heavily invested in campaign tracking.


Date announced soon!


Google Office
2, Sankt Petri Passage 5
1165 Copenhagen Denmark

Includes refreshments and lunch


5,500 dkk

Your Trainer

Steen Rasmussen

Director of Data Innovation at IIH Nordic

Steen is one of the leading specialists in the world when it comes to commercial analysis. He has worked with Google Analytics from the start and has provided Google Analytics training across Europe.

He lives in Copenhagen and has been delivering keynotes on commercial analytics and getting business value out of Google Analytics for the past 10 years from Silicon Valley to Vancouver, from Dubai to Mumbai and of course in Europe. With experience at major brands such as Apple, LEGO, IKEA, Cisco and L’Oréal, he understands the complexity of digital analytics in a business context.

IIH Nordic, the agency he co-founded in 2005, has already been voted Denmark’s best analytics agency 10 times and has been nominated as the world’s best data agency 6 times.


During this Masterclass you will learn how to collect, validate, analyze and activate data with GA4 to support your marketing objectives as best as possible.

The session also takes a closer look at the issues surrounding GA4 campaign tracking and attribution modeling in general to ensure the ultimate understanding. .

This masterclass will help you better manage your marketing investment opportunities and deliver a specific and clearly measurable return on marketing.

During this workout

9:15 – 10:00 The Bigger Picture – GA4 and campaign tracking

10.00 – 10:50 Marketing, Impact & Activation

11:00 – 11:20 Best Practise Campaign Tracking Guideslines

11:20 – 11:50 Optimizing campaigns in GA4 to increase ROMI

11:50 – 12:15 End of the Road – a perspective

12:15 – 12:45 Q&A + networking


In a nutshell: everything you need to know as a user to take advantage of GA4 and guide your people and partners to use campaign tracking efficiently.

  • This is what you will learn during the masterclass:
  • How to document tangible business value with digital marketing and GA4.
  • Does and Don’t – an operational perspective on GA4 and digital marketing.
  • How prediction and machine learning in GA4 support your marketing.
  • Define, develop and monitor the marketing with GA4.
  • 3 key insights for migrating your campaign tracking from the current version of analytics to GA4.