Google Analytics 4 Masterclass

Google Analytics 4 Masterclass

25-26 April 2023

Universal Analytics (GA3) will stop collecting data on July 1st, 2023. This means that you have to migrate to a different analytics platform as soon as possible.

Most businesses will switch to Google Analytics 4. But it is a completely different tool requiring to you learn everything from scratch. Data collection is different, interface is different, you name it.

There’s a steep learning curve but you can master Google Analytics 4 much faster.

In this two-day masterclass, you will learn:

  • How to set Google Analytics 4 up
  • How to collect events, conversions, and other data
  • Privacy controls in GA4
  • How to work with standard reports
  • How to build and use various custom reports (explorations)
  • How to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns
  • How to get insights out of your data

Is this masterclass right for you?

This is for those who are starting with GA4 or those who have some experience (but want to significantly improve their skills). You should enroll if:

  • You want to learn how to use GA4 properly
  • You want to learn not only how to setup GA4 but also how to analyze the data you collect
  • You’re lost among countless GA4 resources online and struggle to connect the dots
  • You want to prepare for the future where GA4 will be the main analytics platform

This masterclass is NOT for you if:

  • You want to learn how to use BigQuery with GA4
  • You are already an experienced GA4 user
  • You want to learn mobile app tracking with Firebase

Server-side Tagging with Google Tag Manager

27 April 2023

Get started with server-side GTM to take control of your data collection, improve data quality, and adapt to the changes in the industry
The landscape of digital analytics is rapidly changing. Privacy regulations, Apple ITP, loss of data, greedy vendors collecting too much data and posing your business at a potential risk.

Luckily, there is a solution to reduce the negative impact for your business. It’s called server-side tagging. It is an additional layer in your analytics setup (between your users and marketing/analytics vendors) that gives you more control.

With server-side tagging, you can:

  • Improve page-loading performance (because fewer tracking codes will be activated in visitors’ browsers)
  • Control what data is being sent to marketing/analytics vendors (to improve user privacy)
  • Reduce the impact of Apple’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention on your cookies, etc

In this masterclass, you will learn:

  • How to create your first server-side GTM setup
  • How to properly test it
  • How to use server-side GTM to send data to Google Analytics 4
  • How to optimize the cost
  • How to consolidate your data and send it to multiple vendors (GA, Facebook, etc.)
  • Other useful examples of application

Is this masterclass right for you?

This is for those who want to start with server-side Google Tag Manager (SGTM). You should enroll if:

  • You are already experienced with regular web GTM but haven’t worked with SGTM
  • You are looking for a proper introduction to SGTM and walthrough
  • You want to learn the most popular use cases (e.g. sending data to GA4, extending 1st-party cookie lifetime, etc.)

This masterclass is NOT for you if:

  • You have already successfully configured server-side GTM in the past
  • You are looking for more advanced use-cases (like writing custom templates, enriching data with Firestore, etc.)

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25-26 April 2023 GA4 Masterclass

27 April 2023 GTM Serverside


Copenhagen Denmark

Includes refreshments and lunch

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3days GA4+GTM
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1day GTM Serverside
6,200 dkk 4,340 dkk

Your Trainer

Julius Fedorovicius is the founder of Analytics Mania and the GTM community on Facebook. He has accumulated many years of working experience with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager while consulting online businesses. Julius has been actively publishing articles on, a blog that has been recognized by Google and other peers in the industry.

Julius’s GA/GTM workshops/courses has already helped thousands of students to achieve better results.