Thomas Wilson

Brand Leadership Community

Advisory Council Member


Nordic Account Executive

Thomas Wilson, a driven young professional deeply committed to maximizing online marketing efficiency for e-commerce enterprises. Currently an integral part of Channable’s Nordic Business Development team, Thomas applies the insights gained from his BA in Hospitality Management at Hotelschool The Hague to fuse hospitality principles into the realm of e-commerce.

Recognized for his detail-oriented approach without losing sight of the broader context, Thomas takes on challenges with humility and unwavering dedication, persisting until tasks are flawlessly completed. His overarching goal is to harmonize the worlds of hospitality and e-commerce, ensuring businesses leverage strategic insights and meticulous execution to unlock their full online marketing potential. Join Thomas on the journey of crafting seamless and impactful digital experiences.

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Featured Video: Thomas shares his thoughts about the Brand Leadership Mastermind event in Copenhagen and the inspirations he’ll take back home.