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Since 2023, the Brand Leadership Community supported Superweek with founder Jomar Reyes co-hosting the Superweek TV episodes. The Superweek conference is fully endorsed and reccomended by the Brand Leadership Community as a premium analytics event.



Superweek is known as a digital analytics and marketing conference that takes place annually in Hungary.

The brings together leading professionals from the fields of digital analytics, data science, and marketing to come together to discuss and learn about the latest trends, tools, and best practices in the digital analytics and marketing industry.

Superweek TV

Developing Marketing technology for Brands: Insights from Industry Innovators

Marketing Technology has evolved over recent years to meet the needs of Brands to stay competitive, profitable and innovative. For Superweek TV 2024, I interviewed people behind 3 innovative products in the world of marketing & analytics. I spoke to Marta Saratowicz, Head of Product at IH Nordic, Dennis Golubovskyi, Founder of Stape, and Matt […]

Superweek 2024: Jomar’s Journal

Day -3: 26 Jan 2024 – The Road to Superweek 2024 The first real blog style post for the Brand Leadership Community is here. You are reading it. As I type this post, at this moment… I’m preparing myself for Superweek 2024, probably the most influential conference I’ve ever attended, and now am a part […]

Key points from Digital Analytics Documentary Superweek 2023

At Superweek 2023, industry thought leaders discussed the unique challenges facing the data and analytics landscape in the current global scenario. The convergence of geopolitical conflicts, privacy regulations, and the aftermath of the pandemic has created a complex environment that demands a reevaluation of how we approach data.

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